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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


It's kicking my butt..and my arms.

Monday I lifted chest/shoulders:
Barbell flat bench press-110x4x3
Dumbell flat-40x7x1; 45x4x2
Incline Dumbell-40x4x3

Barbell straight bar press: 50x5x3
Dumbell shoulder press: 35x6x3
Lateral raise: 20x7x1, 25x4x2
Barbell front, straight bar raise: 40x6x3

I was so sore yesterday when I went in to lift biceps/triceps:

Barbell straight bar curl: 60x3x1, 50x5x2
Dumbell curl: 35x4x1, 30x5x2
Cable curl: 80x6x1; 90x4x2

Tricep pushdown: 120x5x3
Skull: 3x4x3
Overhead extension: 30x8x1; 35x5x2

I'm totally sore today. I did Betagen; that usually takes the soreness away ... not this time!

I have my snow shoe marathon Saturday so I am not lifting legs this week. I'll lift back on Thursday.

I get so damn antsy, confused, anxious with this whole weight loss thing. Aren't there heavy ultra runners out there? Are they all twig people? On every calorie calculator that I enter my 500+ minutes a week of exercise into and the calories that i'm eating it's like I should eat 2400 calories a day to sustain my activity and lose weight. Well right. Sorry, doesn't work. WTF?

I'm checking into Leanness Lifestyle now too. Lifting, cardio, eating, etc. That calculator states I should zig zag from 1330 to 1663 during the week with an average of 1300. Protein and Carbs at 133 g. It says I'll be 13% body fat at 139 pounds. Well I'm 144 now, hopefully that should't be TOO far off. That's pretty close to what I'm doing now.

Who knows... I just want to be leanER...

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