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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Lately I find myself becomming obsessed by numbers. How many calories to lose fat; how many calories to gain muscle; how many calories to lose fat and gain muscle, how many calories to maintain. Do you ever find your groove?

There are so many fitness calculators and each has a different range. Per Hussman, I need to eat between 1240-1550 to lose fat. There is a difference of 310 calories within that spread. That is my goal, this Challenge II, to lose fat. I want to keep the precious muscle that I have grown, but I want to lose the layer of fat that is surrounding it. To gain this muscle I was eating 1800 calories a day, with one free day of 2200 calories (roughly). To lose this fat I am aiming at 1400 calories each day, with one free day of approximately 2000. We'll see how this works at the end of the week. Nothing has changed so far ... it is only Week 1 I keep telling myself..

A great fitness excel spreadsheet is at Maggie's site. She is brilliant! Check out www.causticmuse.com and go do her December 2, 2004 entry. You can download the spreadsheet there and find out all the numbers you need in order to reach your goals. Brilliant.

I need to increase my weekly mileage these next few months in order to run my 100 mile race with a chance of finishing. In the past, when I have had a 50 mile race planned, my high weekly mileage is 50 miles, my regular weeks are 30-40. For the 100 mile training plan I am aiming for high mileage of 75, 50 for the regular weekly mileage.

Last night I ran 10 miles, which I usually don't do, mid-week. I run with a run club on Wednesday evenings, usually for 5 miles. Last night, after completing the 5 miles I went off by my myself for another 5 mile run. I felt proud of myself for actually doing it. It was -5F and a -30 F windchill Sure, I thought about it all day but it is so easy to change my mind last minute and figure 5 is good enough. Then I thought about the 100 miler in April and thought again! Mailing in that entry months ahead was a smart thing to do!

This morning was HIIT. As I was running on the treadmill at home, seemingly hitting 10's at slower speeds, I realized that I had run 10 miles not more than 8 hours ago. Then I didn't feel so bad about the speed in which I was running!

I'll run a few miles with Topaz after work today, before Troy's basketball practice. Tomorrow and Sunday will be Day 2 and 3 of lifting. I hope the gym is a bit more quiet than when I was there on Monday!

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