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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

It really is cold outside today in MN. -24 F air temperature and -45F wind chill. Now that is chilly, folks. The media guys are being rather goofy; the weathercaster was throwing water into the air this morning showing us how quickly it turned into snow. He then proceeded to freeze an egg on the sidewalk .. in less than a minute. OK, it's cold, but this in MN afterall.

I'll be lifting and running at the gym tonight.

Here is yesterday's workout:

4:30 AM: 20 minutes HIIT running: 2.81 miles

Yesterday I began the MAX OT program for lifting. I worked biceps/triceps. The idea is you lift heavy, with reps of only 4-6; if you can lift over 6 reps the weight is too light, if you can't get 4, the weight is too heavey, sets of 2-3. I did it incorrectly for day 1 and did sets of 5-6. How I misread the instructions the first time, I don't know. But here is what I did:

Biceps: Straight Barbell: 50x5x5
Dumbell Curls: 35x5x2, 30x5x2
Cable Curls: 80x7x1, 100x5x3

Triceps: Cable push down: 90x7x1, 110x5x3
Overhead Ext: 30x8x1, 35x5x4
Skulls Dumbell: 25x8x1, 30x5x4

I was shaking afterward. A good tough workout.

I then did another 20 minutes HIIT: 2.51 miles

Nutrition was good. Calories: 1353; Carbs: 118 grams (31%), Protein: 170 grams (51%), Fat 26 grams (18%)

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