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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Week In Review

Today is Day 7 of Week 1.

Yesterday I hopped on the scale and was still 148. I was confused. How could I have not lost anything..even a fraction of a pound when I had counted every lick, bite, taste, snack and meal? How?

Mid week I bounced up to 150. That was the pits. 2 extra pounds of what, exactly?

Well, today back on the scale I went, this time with much anxiety, but was 3 pounds down. Yahoo! How did it all leave over night? Does anyone understand this? Why should I care as long as the fat is down, right...well, I'm a question asker.


My average calorie intake for the week: 1316
Average breakdown of calories for the week: Carbs: 38%; Protein 43%, Fat 19%. I'm kind of surprised that the protein is higher than the carbs with all of the french toast I've been consuming.

I didn't take a free meal or a free day during Week 1. I wanted to see what would happen without any extras.


3x HIIT @ 20 minutes = 60 minutes HIIT, 7.54 miles
3x Weight Training = 130 minutes
Constant cardio-training running = 41 miles
10 of those miles on pavement @ 8:34 minute miles; 31 miles on trail @ 11.58 minute miles

3 pound scale weight loss
.40% body fat loss

I'm happy with this weeks results.

Today I and Topaz the trusty training partner ran 15 miles on the trail. Loop 1 of five miles took 60 minutes, loop 2 took 57 minutes and loop 3 took 50 minutes. It's odd that I became faster as I went farther. I've never timed myself until this week. It's good to track the numbers I am finding out!

After our run, I and the family went to the snow hill for 3 hours snow tubing. What a blast!! I'm exhausted now. Think I'll hit the couch and watch the Vikings play the Packers.

Topaz still has energy. He's chasing poor Toffee.

With McNaughton looming ahead in April I am going to increase my weekly base mileage to 55 miles; my high weeks will be 75 miles. My aim is to run 30 Saturday/20 Sunday weekends every 3 weeks. I think that running on tired legs during the Sunday workout will be good practice for the 100 miler. Or so I have read. And read. And read.

I have never run 10/15 Sat/Sun so I am happy with that first step!

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