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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another 15 miler

I and Topaz went out for another 15 mile run this morning. Today I slept in until 7:30 and didn't run until 9. Missed the sun rise and everything. Again, there was nobody else out on the trail. I ran to the outdoor visitor center type thing and looked at the maps. This trail is 7.5 miles long; a sort of rectangular loop shape with the same start/finish.

It felt like I was going so much slower today than yesterday. I felt tired and I have a blister on my little toe. I didn't tape my feet on Friday and then is when the blister occurred. I taped yesterday and today; didn't have any additional blisters but that one still hurts. It is under a calous so I can't get to it either. My time was only 2 minutes slower than yesterday!

Eagle sightings! I saw 2 of the them today. It makes me wonder if the 4 I thought I saw yesterday were really the same 2; and they were just in different places. I only saw one huge nest so that could be the deal. I am not an Eagle expert but now that I found this great place to run I may do a bit of research!

We (sorry that I call Topaz and I "we"...) only saw 1 deer today, a nice big buck, that Topaz took off after and was able to log an additional 1 or 2 miles!

This week I ran 51 miles; next week I'll push it up to 55 with a long run of 22 miles on the same trail.

I did take some pictures, I'll upload them to the computer after my battery is done charging.

My Leanness Lifestyle weeks are Wednesday to Wednesday but I guess my week in review is still Monday to Sunday..we'll see.

This week: LOST 3 POUNDS! Woohoo! Averaged 1432 calories each day with the 'planned splurge meal' yesterday. I had a brownie, fudge sauce and ice cream. It was 565 calories but man oh man, was it good! It didn't make me feel out of control or trigger a binge. I had planned for it, had the calories allotted for it and enjoyed it. Next week I think it will be a nice dinner out with the family.

OK, I ran 51 miles; 12 HIIT miles on the treadmill, 5 with run club and fast on pavement and the rest on trail.

I decided as I'm writing this that I'm going to get mixed up on the weeks here as to weight loss per week. I guess I'll review my week on Wednesday's from now on through Bootcamp. I'll set up a new Challenge at the BFL-tracker.com site too.

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