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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Foiled Again!

Scale is still moving on down..weighed in at 147.5 today. Yeahoo! I like that.

This is a 'light' week running wise. I'm following a 100 mile race training plan and this week is a fall back week, only 35 miles. It's a nice change of pace to go out and think ' gee, only 1.5 hours of running today ' vrs. ' ok 4 hours of running, better pack water, food, tape the feet, la la la'. Next week I creep up to 40, then the following week bump up to 60 miles with a 50K race in there. So far, so good.

Today as I and Topaz were running down the trail I heard a vehicle approach. This is odd because there is a gate at the enterance and shouldn't be any traffic. As I turn back to look I see a white Expedition fully equipped with flashing lighs on and siren blowing. Hello! Do I look like I'm going to try and run away from you, Mr. Wildlife and Fish Warden? He proceeds to talk one hundred miles an hour about how I'm trespassing on US Federal Land, that's a $500 fine, how my dog is off leash in a restricted area, that's $500, how my car is parked at a gate, blocking the entrance $250 and that I'm in an Eagle nesting area-an endangered species so tack on another $1000. Alright then. Pretty expensive run. After he is done spewing this out of his mouth I tell him that I called the County to gain permission to run in here and it was granted. Oh, but the County doesn't have permission to grant that request. This is US Federal Land. OK, got it. So would I please run back to my car and he'll issue me a ticket at that point. Shit I think. Double Shit and then some. There goes my Ipod, among other things! Would he really give me a $2500 fine for a 10 mile run? Shit. By the time I get to my car I have been able to run my 1.5 hours and he gives me a warning. Thanks Mr. Wildlife and Fish Warden. I won't be back until the eagles hatch, the gate is open and I'm no longer trespassing. Foiled again.

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Critical Information Resource said...

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