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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

I gave Steve strict orders of NO CHOCOLATE this Valentine Day. I'm happy to report that he delivered on that request. A very nice card and flowers were at the breakfast table this morning. I then realized that we will have been married for 20 years in June. TWENTY YEARS! OMG, that makes us old, doesn't it? We began dating when we were 16. Scary. Real Scary.

Yesterday and today my macros are close to 50/30/20 with the huge running weekend. LL guidelines are 10% on either side; so I'm still within the parameters. When you are training for an ultra the carbs must increase.

I feel REALLY good today. My legs aren't feeling tired, I don't feel sleepy and I popped my blister last night so my toe is feeling fine. Topaz was as chipper as could be today too.

No cardio today; Monday is my only day off from cardio. I will be lifting Back, Trapezius, Tricep tonight. This is a new weight training I'm going to try. I know it is good to mix it up and periodization seems the way to go. We'll see. This is the 'awesome periodization 1" from LL.

In Bootcamp we have been divided into 3 teams. Team A, B and C. I'm on Team A. The team that loses the most fat/gets the highest grade/ wins a trip for 2 nights to Vegas or Orlando. Wouldn't that be cool?

The website for my ultra is finally up:http://www.geocities.com/running_50/homepage.html I get all excited when I look at it. It takes little to excite me, I guess.

Steve rolled his eyes at me when I told him I entered the 100. I was originally going to run the 50, but you know, I need to reach higher, I told him. He is only worried I'll injure myself. He asked me if I would like him to come along. I'm thrilled that he'd ask; but I don't think I want him there. You know, I could go through a crabby spell, no, wait, I will go through a crabby spell and it is best I don't take it out on him!! Tyler and Troy are very excited for me. They think it is cool that Mom runs long distances. They came to my FANS 24 hour run and cheered their little hearts out. I ran 84 miles at FANS in '03 and 89 miles in '04. That website is www.fans24hour.org I don't know if I'll do FANS 24 or 12 hour this year. The 24 is really a bitch. It takes EVERYTHING out of me...and I can't even the 100 miles. Damn.

I'm feeling the need to gab because I am hungry and I have another hour to go before I leave for home and begin to cook up my salmon. I'm starving!!

Today is a moderate zig zag: 1450 calories, 46% Carb, 34% Protein and 20% fat. Keep the eye on the prize! That buff lean mean machine...and an IPOD at the end of the 5 week bootcamp WHEN (NOT IF) I reach my goals!

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