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Friday, February 11, 2005

I love my treadmill

I purchased my treadmill 9 years ago this next September. We couldn't afford it, we had to charge it on a Sears charge card and ended up paying more than the $999 that it originally cost. I was still 180 pounds, 6 months past the birth of Troy and was feeling like a fat slug. This was about the time that Oprah's book Make The Connection came out. I purchased the book and the lightbulb went off. I needed to quit drinking in order to feel like walking (this is the short version). I quit drinking and began walking..and walking...and walking. With a new born and a 4 year old my walking time was quite restricted. Hence, the purchase of the treadmill.

Yesterday was my annual treadmill service call. Mr. Sears man had to replace the motor and the front rollers. With labor and cost of parts it WOULD have cost $485!! Luckily, the only service contract I have ever purchased is for my treadmill. Every 3years I put out $89 for the treadmill service contract. Mr. Sears man printed off all the data for me for the past almost 9 years...$3981!! WOWZIE. Amazing. Also, I have 4,389 miles on my treadmill. Egads!

This morning I ran on my treadmill for 40 minutes; 4.65 miles. It was so quite and smooth!!

If you are ever wondering if you should purchase a treadmill I have to say YES! It leaves no excuses. The first 2 years it was right in my living room-I had to look at it every day and that got me walking on it. After two years I could move it downstairs because it was a part of my day, I no longer had to look at it, feeling guilty if I didn't hop on.

On another note, I hit my calories right on for yesterday's low zig zag: 1256. Got in 40 minutes running in the AM on treadmill and hit another 44 with Topaz in the afternoon in the neighborhood. Man, it is so icy! I almost fell a few times.

This morning I ran 40 on the treadmill and will get another 40 out with Topaz or the treadmill. I'll have to check out the ice.

I need to get in 15 miles tomorrow and 15 miles Sunday. The trail is in horrible condition. It is all uneven and icy icy icy. I may have to leave Topaz at home and run around the lake in town a few times instead. Topaz is just awful on leash. He pulls the whole way. He doesn't do well in town.

My 100 mile race is April 16. I need to get some GOOD long runs in!!

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