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Thursday, February 17, 2005


My legs are so sore. They are getting more sore as the day goes on. Of course I have a desk job, so each time I get my fat butt out of the chair I feel the stiffness! WOWZIE.

I walked up to the standing calf press yesterday. As I was going to get 'in' it, Joan, my former trainer, said "Julie, you run so much, you don't need to work legs". This is what drives me crazy! I lifted with her for over a year and we never did too much work on legs. She always thought my running was enough. Well, it isn't enough! My legs still need strength and need to be developed. My upper body is lean and my lower body leaves MUCH to be desired! I rolled my eyes at her and pointed to the fat on my leg...'yes, Joan, I need to work my legs'. I know I can't spot reduce but I can sure work on developing the muscle in my legs.

So, yeah, today I am really sore!

I ran 40 minutes at 4 AM on the treadmill for 4.54 miles and will get another 40 treadmill minutes in this evening. I have conferences at 4:30; basketball at 6:00 and a meeting at 7:30. Topaz won't be getting a run in today.

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