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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Prairies Edge Trail

I am SO excited! Yesterday after work I 'discovered' a new trail in the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge, not far from home. I went out to my regular Blue Hill Trail and it was a treacherous icy mess. I twisted my damn ankle out there last week and it still hurts. I was NOT going to try it again. So as I was driving home, thinking I'd have to hit the pavement I saw a long gravel road with a barricade at the entrance. It was labeled Prairies Edge Trail. There was a map posted stating the trail was 7.5 miles long and meandered through an Eagle nesting area. I called the local Sherriff dept. to make sure I wasn't trespassing and got the OK to run the property. It was fantastic!! I only needed to get in another 4 miles so I did that and knew I'd be back this morning.

I was. 7:00 AM I and Topaz were back out there for 15 miles. We saw the sun come up, saw 8 deer and 4 Bald Eagles. I didn't have my camera! I will definately bring it along tomorrow so I can post a few pictures. There is 1400 acres of oak savanah, wet lands the the Eagle nesting area. Not one other person was out there. Yahoo!

Tomorrow we go out for another 15 mile run.

Oh my gosh, Leanness Lifestyle is the bomb. I'm down 3 pounds this week. I'm hitting my calories every day and I'm excited. That's the biggest thing. I'm excited.

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