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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Topazs' Longest Run

Today I and Topaz went for a 22.5 mile run. Yesterday I was thinking that I'd call Steve at 15 miles and have him come out to the trail to pick Topaz up. Topazs' longest run prior to this, in January I believe, was 18 miles. Well, I was taking walk breaks every hour and Topaz just keep speeding along. He runs more mileage than I, with all of his out ahead, back to check on me, over the field, chasing the deer, I probably don't need to worry about him.

When I first purchased Topaz he was 4 months old. I have done extensive research on dogs and running. I learned that a dog shouldn't run over 10 miles until after 18 months-at this time his joints and bones are fully developed. I took it nice and slowly with Topaz, slowly increasing his mileage over time.

He is now three years old and has more miles in his body than I think I have in mine. He doesn't tire. He has constant energy.

Anyway, upon finishing the first two loops it was quite apparent he was fine with another loop of 7.5 miles. Off we went. I was dragging at the end and he was still spry.

We received a good 3.5" of snow last night so it was tough going through that, the surface was a bit slippery too. On our way back to the car my footprints were already covered up, it was still snowing that hard.

I kind of became freaked out by the eagles. I spotted 6 of them. Well, 4 for sure. 2 of them may have just flown to another spot. I saw 4 at one time. I think the other 2 were following us. Is that crazy?? It was freaky! Every time I looked into the sky there are these two blasted eagles; looking at us. Then they would fly away, and a few miles ahead, there I would see 2 of them, looking at us. Very odd indeed. Freakazoid.

This last week I have noticed that I think about, dream about and live for sugar carbs. Sugar, refined flour, the white (bad) carbs. I had planned a few evenings to have lean protein and veggies for dinner and then before I know it I am making 'fortified' french toast..topped with natural peanut butter.

I know that I am addicted to sugar. Oh my gosh, chocolate-Godiva-ouch. I consume pounds of it and I'm not kidding. Up until 2 years ago I worked downtown Minneapolis and walked, every day, past the Godiva in the skyway, on my way to my office. I found I loved the dark chocolate best. I began buying it 'for the boys' hello! Then bought my own stash and consumed it all by myself. I was in there a few time a week, leaving with my gold bag full of chocolate delights. Feeling the chocolate melt in my mouth gave me a feeling of peace and contentment. My cats are named Toffee and Truffles.

I am an alcoholic. I don't think I've mentioned that here. I quit drinking 8.5 years ago, when Troy, my youngest, was 6 months old. No, I didn't drink during my pregnancy. Only afterward. I had always been a drinker, a problem drinker. Always beer, the blackouts, etc. My Dad is an alcoholic too, sober since 1985.

So, I know the running which began as soon as I quit drinking, is another addiction that replaced the alcohol. Dad is a runner too! We ran his first Grandmas Marathon together in 2000.

Now, the sugar I've always loved. While reading Kay Sheppards' food addiction book last night-recommended by Coach at Leanness Lifestyle-which is why all this is coming to the surface (LL), many memories came back of my childhood and stuffing sugary things into my mouth. Eating all of the frosting off the cakes, eating all of the christmas cookies, going to the bakery at lunch and spending all my babysitting money on custard filled donughts. It's all coming back to me. What does Oprah say "dig deep..peel away the layers".. I guess that is what I'm doing.

You know, as a runner you always read how we need so many carbs to run. We need to have 65% of diet consist of carbs, need those bagels, need that pasta, etc. I bought right into that. But some of us are different. Some of us can't eat all the white stuff. We have to find another way. I'm searching..

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