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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Workout Professor

At the LL site there is a tool called the Workout Professor. This tool will create a weight - or wait, 'we' call it RT (resistance training) work out. I plug in my numbers that I have lifted previously (weight, reps, etc) and with a click of the button it comes up with a workout. Cool! I was skeptical because I knew nothing about 'periodization' I am a newbie to all of this RT stuff. The workout that was written for me was: Back, Trapezius, Triceps Awesome Periodization 1. I have been, for the past 5 weeks, been using MAX-O-T for RT. With that program I was lifting heavy and reps of only 4-6; 3 sets. With this LL plan the guidelines were to lift 12 reps for each exercise; 4 sets, lighter weight of course. I wasn't so sure that I'd get a good, burning workout with the lighter weight. HA. Was I wrong!! This is what I did:

Supinated Close Grip Pull Downs: (warm up) 45x1x1; 70x12x4
Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts: (warm up) 45x10x1; 70x12x4
Dumbell One Arm Rows: 15x10x1; 25x12x4
Barbell Shrug: 25x10x1; 40x12x4
Pronated Triceps Push Down Straight Bar: 35x10x1; 60x12x4
Overhead Rope Kickouts by Pulley: 20x10x1; 30x12x4
Lying Leg Lifts: 0x10x4

It took me 55 minutes to get the workout finished! Usually it takes me 40 minutes tops. I took a 45 second rest inbetween reps. Wow, I was toasted. Very sore this morning.

Now, after the workout I go back into the Workout Professor and type in what my workout actually was. The WP then kicks me out an updated workout to use for the body parts next time. Very cool.

Today: Ran 40 minutes HIIT on treadmill, 4.56 miles. Will run 40 minutes with Topaz on the trail tonight.
yesterday calories: 1402; 45% carb, 35% protein, 20%fat

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