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Monday, March 14, 2005

74 mile week

Yay! I completed my high mileage week without any injury and without ONE blister. Now, I have never experienced an injury...I've been very very lucky, and yes, I count those blessings daily. However, blisters are a real big problem for me. If you scroll down, you will see a picture of my poor feet. Blisters, toenails gone or black, etc. Bad feet. Another ultra runner friend turned me on to Elastikon tape. I have been taping my feet for any runs over 20 miles in distance during the winter. I.have not. had. one. blister. It's a miracle.

Friday night I drove to Bonnie's home. Scott was already there so we put on our neck gators, gloves and hats; then decided we needed two shirts and a jacket..the wind kicked up and it was only 10F. Off we went, hitting the lakes. It was really cold. Scott was really complaining and wanted to cut it short at 9 miles. I told him, quite nicely, but firmly, that I needed to get in 14 miles. Now, Bonnie and Scott have both run at least 6 100's. I'm the newbie to 100 mile races. They allowed me to get in my 14 miles. We finished in 2:05; just fine.

Saturday Troy had basketball tournaments. I brought Topaz out for a 6 mile run on the trail. The surface wasn't as icy as earlier because we received an inch of snow. This added some good traction over the ice. We all attended the tournaments until 4 PM! What a long day. Troy's team won 2/2. He had a good time and that's what is important.

Sunday morning I awoke at 5 AM to tape my feet and get in some oatmeal. I haven't been eating complex carbs for a few weeks in trying to get this fat off. With a high mileage week like this, I've added some carbs. So, 1 full cup of oats tasted pretty darn good! I was at Bonnie's at 7 AM; Jeffrey and Tom were already there so we headed out. I have a two bottle pack, it holds 2 - 24 oz bottles of water. I also had SUCCEED Caps (salt/electrolyte) and Advil for ..just in case! I had a few Cliff Shot gels, 2 Myoplex bars. There is water availabe at each lake so I didn't have to worry about running back to my car for water. Bonnie, Tom and Jeffrey ran 10 miles with me..it was a nice, relaxed pace. We ran, walked and talked talked talked. Very enjoyable. At 10 miles they bailed and I ran a few miles myself, then found another ultra runner, Maynard, that I've seen at races. I had removed my jacket..the wind had let up and I was getting warm. I still had two shirts on, but anyway, Maynard recognized my Superior 50 Mile Trail shirt I was wearing and then realized who I was. We ran together for 8 miles, chatting it up. He bailed and a few miles later Greg met up with me. He had emailed me that he would be running the Minneapolis Lakes and would look for me. It was really nice having all the company on a long run. That's one of the reason I decided to run the Lakes. It is convenient for all who live in the Metro area, there is water available, it's not icy. Greg ran 5 miles and then I finished up two more lakes on my own, with my headphones. All went very well. I ate 1 Myoplex bar..1/2 at a time, then had 2 Cliff Shots. Took 4 SUCCEED caps and drank 125 oz of water. As I was walking back to Bonnies (she gave me her key so I could shower at her place afteward) Ann called my cell and we chatted about my run a bit.

I arrived at Bonnies and showered up. Get this: she left a towel for me on the radiator. It was SO warm and nice!! I then went to her place of work to return the key. We went to Jimmy John's for a big sandwich. Yum!! What a great end to a great day.

I ended up running the 32 miles in 5:59. I thought it would take me a bit longer, I'm very glad to have that 50K finished. Now I need to get in a 50 miler. It's daunting to plan these training runs without races. In Minnesota, our first ultra is Trail Mix in April. That means I need to get all the training in without the races, since my 100 is April 16. It's tough. So, I'm thinking if I feel recovered from this 50K by Friday I could run the 50 mile on Saturday. If I'm feeling like I'm still tired, I'll wait until the following Saturday.

If the trail conditions are good at Blue Hill, I'll run the 50 mile there. It is a 6 mile loop and I can use my car as an aid station. I will also be able to run with Topaz the first 25 miles or so. Then I'll have Steve come and pick him up. I don't want to run him into the ground. The dog won't stop on his own! I did tell Steve and the boys that I FULLY expect them to come out and walk a loop with me during my 50 mile training run. There is no reason they can't at least do that for me! My sister said she'd come out and walk with me too. I need to incorporate some walking into this training run as I'll be walking some of the night hours at McNaughton. I need to practice this too.

If the trail is an icy mess, I'll be back at the Minneapolis Lakes, enlisting my running friends to help me out again!

Oh, and the scale finally budged. I was stuck at 145.8 for 6 days. Today I finally saw 144.9! Yahoo. Bootcamp Intensive I wraps up on Wednesday. My team is still in first place with 106.7 pounds gone, Team 2 is at 84.8, Team 3 at 82.9 I think those travel vouchers are mine!! Yes!!

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