Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dairy Queen

A group of co-workers are going to pick up Dairy Queen for lunch. One of them just dropped the brochure off on my desk so that I could place my order with her. As she was giving it to me, she said "what am I thinking..you won't eat DQ for lunch. I bet you brought your own." Yeah, I brought my own, but I asked her to leave the brochure anyway.

They'll all eat their DQ burgers and DQ fries and DQ ice cream treats ... for lunch. And then they'll talk about losing fat for spring break ( 3 weeks away ). I don't get it. They don't get it. I only have lunch with them once a week. It's all I can take. Usually I just eat at my desk.

Do you know that a SMALL BLIZZARD has 600+ calories, on average? 600! Wowza. Maybe I'll just pull out the brochure the next time I have an ice cream craving!!

I've been doing pretty well resisting sugar laden treats. I went to the baby shower on Sunday and once I arrived, I didn't get out of my chair. Didn't even browse the 'food table'. I knew what was there, I could see from a distance. Fruit pizza, chocolate cake with white frosting (major trigger food of mine), chocolates, lovely confections. I drank loads of water with lemon. Nobody noticed that I didn't eat anything. No peer pressure. I was worried about nothing. I came home and fixed some salmon and a large veggie salad and reveled in the fact that I've lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Down to 147.1 today. Yahoo.

Ran 40 minutes HIIT this AM; will run 6 miles with Topaz on the trail tonight. Lifted chest, biceps last night. Feeling the soreness coming on.


Jen said...

Julie, Did you have to post the number of calories in a Blizzard? I am so shocked at your weightloss. Keep up the amazing work. Jenna

Savy said...

Oh that's just depressing! I have been missing DQ since I moved to a state where they don't exist (we're talking 6 years!) Now my fantasies of having an extra large one seem more like a nightmare. *sigh*

Congrats on getting the scale to move!!!