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Sunday, March 06, 2005

A truly beautiful day

What a weekend! Friday night Tyler had his Middle School Activity Night; I chaperoned. Saturday Troy had a double header for basketball. Then at 3:00 I had a dozen 9 years olds appear at the door for Troy's 9th birthday sleepover.

I kept them occupied with an outside treasure hunt (thankfully it was 40 F), a bon fire, smores, a silly string war, pinata. Back inside for pizza, cake and ice cream. Many games and prizes, presents and Spongebob Squarepants Move. Gosh I love that movie! They played XBOX and GameCube until midnight and were back up at 6 am. Up fixing waffles, bacon and eggs.

By 9 AM the parents came to pick up the boys, most of them came early so they could go to church I guess.

I and Topaz headed for the trail. We ran 15 miles in 45 F temps! Awesome. The ice on the trail has melted, it is drying out, I even caught a few whiffs of spring. Ah, it was lovely. Because I was out later than usual there were a few other people on the trail. I didn't like sharing it with them.

I'll be off to the gym this afternoon to lift legs.

I had a planned splurge meal yesterday. I had cake and ice cream. The sugar didn't make me crazy nor did it create a binge. Of course, I had it all planned out. I ate it right before I went to bed so I couldn't have any more..if I wanted to sleep! I woke up this morning feeling dreadful. Like a hangover and a horrible dry feeling in my mouth. Ach. The planned splurge cost me 980 calories, for a total of 1730 yesterday. Right on target.

Guess what? I AM DOWN TO 146 today! Woohoo. 6.5 pounds off in just 3.5 weeks. Rock on.

Next week is a high running week. I should get up to 70 miles. The planned runs are a 14 with Bonnie and friends Friday evening. We need some night running to test out our lights and get ready for the McNaughton 100. I'll be running at least 30 hours constantly, so need the practice at night. Last time I ran during the night was this past June for FANS 24 hour run. I got in 89 miles. www.fans24hour.org I think I'll be doing that one again this year too. The other planned run is a 50K I'm going to get in on Sunday. I hope I can get someone to run it with me, otherwise it will be on the Blue Hill trail as usual.

It's supposed to hit 55F today. An absolutely perfect day!

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