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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Weekend of Running

I'm in the middle of big week for training miles. If all goes as planned, I'll have 70+ miles in. So far, so good. Tonight I am going to test out my running lights. I purchased a new headlamp and a new hand-held flashlight. I'll be spending a good part of my 100 mile run in the dark, in the woods, so lights are a must. Trusty lights are a must. I need to practice changing batteries in the dark and getting a feel for the light. If the headlamp hurt and sucked, it would not be good to find this out in a middle of a 100 mile run when the only option is to suck it up. It's better to learn in advance and find one that I love to use. So, tonight at 6:30 PM I'll be meeting up with Bonnie and Scott (pics of both are earlier on in the blog) for a 20 mile run around the Minneapolis lakes. Bonnie is serving up a meal at her home afterward.

Tomorrow is a day of basketball. Troy has his tournament; this means AT LEAST 3 basketball games. Topaz and I will hit the trail before basketball begins for an easy 6 mile recovery run. He needs his run too!

Sunday I go back to the Minneapolis Lakes ( I can't get anyone to run out here in the country with me...everyone I know who runs distance is in the Metro area..) for a 32 mile run. I have received commitments from both Bonnie and Jeffrey (again, pic previous) that they will run at least part of the distance with me. There are tons of people running the Mpls. lakes area so I can do lots of people watching.

I got in an excellent RT session yesterday. Chest, should and bicep for 55 minutes. Personal best on barbell bicep curl: 60 pounds. WOOHOO! Getting stronger and burning fat. Still hanging out with the 145.8 pound club. Been stuck there for 4 days I believe. Pants are lose today, I like that!

Have a great FRIDAY!

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