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Friday, May 27, 2005

End of BCI 2; Loss of 8 additional pounds. Total loss since Feb. 9 : 15 pounds Posted by Hello


Jen said...

I see a huge difference in your legs. They are losing girth and look firmer. Good job and enjoy your weekend in the rain. Jenna

Maggie said...

Great job, Julie! I'm so glad that LL is working out for you. :D

How are you finding the P90X workouts? I kicked into phase 2 this past week and am finding myself kicked in the rear anew with the change in upper body splits. Whew...


Nico said...

What a big change from your legs. I am so happy that LL is working so great for you. How many pounds of fat in total since you start LL.

Julie B said...

Wow, I'm so glad you guys posted. I didn't see the difference in my legs. You brought it to my attention. I felt it in my legs but couldn't see in the pics. Thanks. Nico, since LL on Feb. 9 I've lost 15 pounds. I weigh 135 now; the goal is 125 in mid July. I can do it!

Maggie, I really like the P90X workouts. I haven't begun the weight part; only the cardio/yoga/ab. I still have to install the pull up bar. I am going to put it in the walk in closet door.

Thanks again Ladies.


Nico said...

You are going to do it, It's already done in your mind.

It's unbelievable all the energy you are having. You are close to my age 40 and I every time I am reading your journey, I am amaze by the high level of energy you do have. Give me some.