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Thursday, July 21, 2005

At The Lake

I'm back in Northern Minnesota at Lake Vermilion. The weather has been storybook perfect, the water is awesome and it is oh so peaceful! I and Topaz are up here alone. Steve had to work, the boys are at camp so I high tailed it up to 'God's Country'.

I've been running each day. Yesterday I boated to the landing and ran 12 miles, then later in the day boated back to ride bike for 7. The hills are killer here. I took my Mom's water bike out for a bit, what a fun way to see the lake.

Today was 4 mile run; 12 mile bike.

Eats are right on. I packed loads of tuna, chicken, veggies, fruit and eggs. That's about all I require.

I'm really enjoying biking. I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm having visions of a triathlon and see that there is one in Baxter MN the end of August. I could try for that. Why not? Um...because I've never done a brick workout and the only swimming I've done lately is for leisure, up here, or back home in my pool! I don't think those are good enough reasons though. Maybe because I don't have any padded biking shorts..man do I need those..or an athletic swimming suit..goggles..plenty of reasons..but none good enough.

I packed up my P90X DVD's and resistance bands and did back/chest yesterday; arms/shoulders today. I'm tired. About ready for a nap.

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