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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Biggest Loser

I barely made it home in time tonight for the ending of The Biggest Loser. Actually, I was able to catch the last half hour.

Troy began basketball practices tonight - seems like we just finished football - and I ran to the gym for 45 minutes to lift while he practiced.

Did you watch? Pete had lost 80 some pounds in the past 8 weeks. 80 pounds! He was voted off, although they all loved him very much, and since he has been home he has lost another 50 pounds. That's incredible!

There was a clip of Pete and his wife running down a road. She's lost 50 pounds along with him. Amazing.

The show has changed their lives. I think it is so good to see that people 400+ pounds can make a lifestyle change. He would have NEVER believed that he would be running miles with his wife. Now that's inspiring.

I'm pretty well recovered from Ed Fitz 100K. Last week I ran 30 miles and I'll probably continue to run only 30-40 miles a week through November.

I applied for Western States 100 Mile Run (www.ws100.com). I Won't know until December 5 if I've been accepted to the race. Once I find out I will begin to make my running plans and workouts for '06. It all kind of hinges on getting into Western.

I'm scared to death, I've never run on a mountain! My long range goal is to run Grand Slam so I better get started :)

This morning I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill for 5.75 miles.
Lifted tonight: Chest/Biceps

DB Chest Press: 40x6x3
BB Bench Press: 110x8x3
Pec Dec: 60x8x3
BB Curl (21's) 50x6x2; 40x8x1
DB Curl: 30x8x3
Preacher Curl: 25x12x4

M1: 8 whites; banana
M2: cottage cheese, apple
M3: chicken kabob w/veggies
M4: cherry garcia shake (post lift)
M5: All The Whey

And Flatman (www.flatman.blogspot.com) tagged me and I have never been tagged before and don't know the 'etiquette'. So I tag Wil (www.throughthewall3.blogspot.com. as I am excited to watch her transformation to lean mean muscle machine!


robtherunner said...

Julie you need to come to the West Coast where the mountains are plentiful. I almost feel guilty that I live so close and find a hard time to get up and run there. I live 40 minutes from the White River 50 course and there is a nice 17 mile loop with about 4500ft of elevation gain and it takes you right along cliffsides that go straight down. Not to mention the views of Mt. Rainier. Alright so maybe I am rubbing it in a little bit, but do not be afraid of the Mountains they just make the distance that much more enjoyable.

Flatman said...

Yes. Pete is awesome. I almost fell in the floor when they started the piece on him after the show. He looks amazing! My wife and I were overwhelmed. He was my favorite...

I love this show. What an inspiration!

Kim said...

Last nights show was so emotional. I found myself in tears right along with the contestants. This is the first season I've ever watched it, thankfully we can TIVO it and watch it after the fact and skip the darn commercials. I was shocked that it wasn't the DR but Pete they voted off. The DR was wanting them to vote him off as Pete had done a wonderful thing and not assuring he won the game when he had the power to do so by being able to pick the new teams and he picked Jeff as his teammate.
Well anyhow if you watched it you know what happened so no need for me to reiterate. But I was floored when I saw the results Pete AND his wife had as they continued on this path. Only one person so far this season, has gained weight since leaving the ranch. Its good to know that once they are back in their day to day lives, 99% of them are finding ways to make it work and keep going. For some of us its a never ending battle.

Ironayla said...

Good Luck with getting into Western States! I can't wait to hear about that!

Anonymous said...

I want to run Western States too, but figure I better do my first 100 somewhere close to home like Kettle Morraine next June. Then WS here I come - 2007 (if I get in). I've heard the key to training is heat acclimation and hills. Run every chance you get in May when its hot (mid-day). Run with extra clothes. Spend time in a sauna. Also find the meanest biggest hill you can and run up and down it over and over, especially practice running the downhills. And order the WS video from the web-site if you haven't seen it yet - amazing inspiration!Good luck, you'll do great! Brent