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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stung by the Flu Bug

Yuck. Tuesday night I came down with the flu. I imagine now that I have been moved to the main office of the High School, I am going to be coming down with more cold and flu germs than ever. Germy students!

Three weeks ago it was a horrible cold, now it is the flu. I stayed home ill yesterday, but hated to stay home today when I am taking Friday and Monday as vacation days.

Friday I am leaving for Duluth for the race and on Monday Tyler's Middle School has their 'take your parent to school day'.

So, I went into work today, even though I was feeling sub-par.

Tomorrow I'll head up north. I need to attend the mandatory Ed Fitz 100K meeting at the DECC. I'm going to hook up with a few other runners and spend the night with them at a mutual friend's place.

We'll head out at 3 AM for the bus ride to the start of the race, up near Lutsen. I begin the race at 5 AM and expect to finish around 5 PM.

The forecast looks wonderful. Lows in the 40's; highs in the 60's. No rain so far.

I received the funniest email from my run club today. They are taking part in the Ed Fitz relay. Here goes:
1)Question to Relay team:
A woman starts running at 5am on a beautiful moon lit morning on a quiet country road in the Minnesota Northwoods. She runs about 6mph, or
in running terms a 10 minute per mile pace.

The woman is an experienced ultra marathon runner with several wins
under her belt. She has trained hard for this race, and is prepared to

At approximately 7:30am, on a cold, dark and dangerous gravel road high
in the Saw Tooth Mountains, one of the older members of a mostly middle
aged relay team, flashlight and pepper spray in hand, starts his run. The
team hopes to average about 7.5 mph, or an 8 minute pace. The relay team,
due to very unfair race rules must run 5k more than the individual woman

The Question: Will the old men catch the woman? and if so, at what mile

2) Reply from a relay runner:
IF the assumptions are correct (see caution below) the old guys
should pass the foxy blond at 3:30 PM.
The girl has an hour and half head start at 6 mph (9 miles)
The girl has a course that is 3 miles shorter and that is "felt" at
the beginning,
thus, the real head start is 12 miles
The old guys run 1.5 mph faster (CAUTION - there is one of them that
thinks we should add a probability factor to that in that there is a high
risk that he can't perform as expected). It will take 8.00 hours (12
divided by 1.5) to make up the 12 mile head start.
That puts the cross over point at about 3:30 PM. By that time, the
girl will have been on the course for 9.5 hours and the guys for 8 hours
3) Response from another relay runner:
That's not quite the formula I used to solve the problem.

I think your close, but according to my calculation, we will not catch
the blonde unless she stops at the finish line and waits for us. unless of
course she does some walking along the way... then we have a chance....

here is my formula (I haven't done a story problem in years so not sure
if this is correct):
Distance = Rate * Time
Blonde: d = 6mph * (t + 2.5hours)
Team: d = 7.5mph * t - 3.1

then just solve for t
6 * (t + 2.5) = 7.5 * t - 3.1
6t + 15 = 7.5t - 3.1
18.1 = 1.5t
12.067 = t

now substitute for t
Blonde: d = 6mph * (12.067 + 2.5hours) = 87.402miles
Team: d = 7.5mpr * 12.067 - 3.1 = 87.402miles

However, if for example, the blonde stops for a couple nature breaks, and
maybe a bite of smoked salmon along the way, and only averages 11 minute
miles, and the guys maintain the 8 minute pace, then the guys would catch
the blonde at 66 miles (the finish line)

Wonder how a college calculus student would solve this probem?

4)Me: WOW. A formula. I should have paid more attention in Math!!

Blonde had the flu yesterday. May make more potty stops. Ewwww.

5) Relay runner: this may be the first time I've applied any math formulas or knowledge to a real world problem!

I'm not sure how to work in "potty stops" or "being taken in the woods" into
a math formula? that could obviously throw all the calculations off.


I'm impressed/happy that they actually tried to figure out when they'd see me :) But, as I said before..they are a great group of guys!

Talk Sunday.. Over and Out....


Cathy said...

Good Luck Julie!
Hope your cold/flu clears up before race day. Be well & have fun running.

Flatman said...

How great! What an awesome run group you have...

Good Luck!