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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Troy's football season is over. His team lost their game on Saturday, so the season came to an end. For now, I have my evenings FREE. Next week he begins basketball, but for now, I'm free.

Tyler had a football game after school today. They lost. Poor kid, out of 4 games..they have had 4 losses. He's pretty disappointed.

It was cold sitting out there on the bleachers watching them play. I wanted to get up and run around the track! At least I would have warmed up. But I held back, for I had already been running today. Took Topaz around the neighborhood, in the dark, headlamp on head, running up and down the streets at 430 AM. I got in 6 miles in :48:10.

It looks like I'll have a crew after all. A friend of mine that is running Ed Fitz will share his pacer with me. Thanks! This eases my mind a bit.

So I guess I'll be hitting the couch and the TV button. It's been months. I used to like watching The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. I'll see if I still enjoy them!


Flatman said...

Those are the only two shows I watch...the biggest loser is great. I love watching them workout. When someone is that big, the weight just melts off so fast. I wish it worked that way for me!

Enjoy your rest... :)

Wil said...

Isn't it nice to not have to be somewhere doing something FOR ONCE! Soak it up! I'm in the same boat for the rest of the week, then it's back to work out there in the early mornings with you!