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Monday, November 07, 2005

Mile Repeats

During many weeks I choose not to run on Monday's. I usually take a day off of running and lift in the evening; during Tyler's guitar lesson.

Last night I decided I'd run this morning. I felt so awesome after endulging in the carb-fest and then eating super Paleo clean yesterday; I knew I would have a great workout.

I did.

I woke at 4 AM and chugged 4 oz of water; then 8 oz of orange juice. I was afraid I'd be burping the oj all during my workout, but that didn't happen.

Mile repeats! I haven't run them before..ever. So on the treadmill I went, iPod in hand.

I ran 4 miles @ 7:45 minute mile with a 2 minute recovery @9 minute mile. Yahoo!

I'll be lifting legs tonight.

Yesterday eats:
Pre run: 1 banana, 4 hard boiled egg whites
During run: 2 gels
Post run: raisins, protein shake with fruit, 4 oz chicken breast, 1 cup mixed frozen veggies
M4: apple, large green salad, 4 oz salmon
M5: 3 oz flank steak, 2 c steamed brocolli

Run On!

1 comment:

Flatman said...

Awesome workout! Your eating prowess inspires me...