Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Run

This morning on the news KARE 11 was showing the entrants of the Northwest 5K Run in Downtown Minnepolis getting ready to run.

As I was pulling on mittens over gloves, hubby asked me "Didn't you always do that run?" "Yeah, I used to .." We then had a conversation about how my running has, well, grown..become a bit more extreme.

The 5K run was a 108 mile (round trip) drive into Minneapolis to run 3 miles. I drove for more minutes that I ran. Now that just seems wrong. I have a new rule. I need to run for more minutes than I drive to get to the run. Unless, of course, it is a 50 Mile or a 100 mile run. Then it is worth the ride.

Well, today it was a 20 mile (round trip) drive to run 15 miles. Plenty more running minutes than driving minutes.

PLUS I was able to run with my Topaz. As I was looking like a stuffed sausage, pulling on a second pair of pants, I realized he runs in the same attire all year long. Of course his fur coat he is sporting is a bit thicker, but how amazing nature is.

It was cold. 10F with a 35 mph wind which makes for a windchill of -17F. Yeah.
I just finished creating a super fruit salad: 4 apples, 4 oranges, 4 kiwi, 1 bag of green grapes, 1 bag of red grapes, 4 pears, 4 bananas, 1 can of unsweetened pineapple because it is out of season right now, 2 pounds of strawberries. YUM! Chop into BIG chunks (I only 1/2 the strawberries and leave the grapes whole), squeeze the juice of two lemons onto fruit and add 1/4 c honey. Stir well.


Must get to the grocery to get some veggies for the awesome veggie tray.

Enjoy the turkey and get your RUN IN!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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