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Sunday, November 20, 2005

To Start Christmas Shopping

Yesterday Troy had a basketball game at 10 so I planned an early morning run. Early as in dark. I and Topaz headed out to the trail, flashlight in hand, for an easy 10 mile run. It was beautiful. The sunrise was spectacular, a big fiery ball rising from the field, it was incredible. I counted 8 deer. I don't know if they were the same ones over and over again or not. Deer hunting must be over with in this area because I didn't hear gun fire like last week.

After Troy's WIN I headed out to the mall. My parents will be here on Wednesday; we have an early Christmas with them as on Saturday they head out for TX until April. Well, they have everything and what they don't have, and want, they'll buy. Duh. So after looking around and finding plenty for myself I decided to take the easy way out : Gift cards.

Mom will receive one from Marshall Fields and Dad will receive one from Barnes and Noble.

I also began to shop for the boys. iPod for Tyler's 14th Bday in a few weeks, paint ball guns, etc. The list is getting shorter.

We all always go to Rosedale ( big suburb mall) the day after Thanksgiving so Mom and Dad will be able to shop for their gifts from me at that time.

Last night both boys had over nights; I and Steve sat here by ourselves. It was too quiet! We watched a movie and were in bed by 10. Just like an old married couple..hmm..how did that happen?

Today was 20 miles on the trail. It was a bit cool to start-28F but not very windy. I ran 4 loops and never saw one other person out there. Heavenly! The rivers are still open so Topaz was able to drink; he never did lie down in the water today. He must not have felt very warm. I didn't feel warm either! I haven't run a 20 since Ed Fitz. I've taken a whole month off from long distance stuff, a 15 and a few 10's has been it for long stuff. It was tough-the taking a break part-but everything I read says I should rest. OK, I rested. Now I'm ready to run.

Planning on lifting legs this PM.


tri-mama said...

I want to come and run on the trail in your header. You could start a trail running service-rental dog optional :) I go with all the other insane people 5 am Fri morning-it's the official first day of Christmas.

Julie B said...

You just let me know the day you want to come and run on the trail. I'm less than an hours drive away from you. Any time!!

PartTimeMom said...

Oh man.. I haven't even STARTED on my christmas shopping, and my (almost) step son's birthday is in THREE WEEKS too! (he'll be 14) Now I feel SO behind!

Your runs so cool - makes we impatient for my weight to go down and my foot to heal so I can run outdoors again!