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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heat Wave!

I was shocked this morning when I and Tyler hopped into the car. It wasn't that cold outside, the radio then announced that it was 34F..at 645 AM! Wow.

The day continued to warm up as it went on. The sun was brilliant, the temperature warmed up to 40!

After work I and Topaz went to the private property to get in snow shoe run. I could see the moisture rising off the snow, creating a fog. It was so cool!

The snow was soft and mushy, a bit hard to get through, but oh so nice and warm! I will not complain.

I snow shoed for 75 minutes and watched the sun set. A very nice afternoon.


Last night Kristin did show up for run club! It was so nice to have someone to run with. Susan, who heard my plead for runners, showed up too. She usually can't make Wednesday's during the school year, but made it last night. It was fabulous :) We had a great time.

The other day John used a digital video camera to tape me running. My run coach asked for side, front and back views; 10 second clips of each. I emailed them to him today. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. To me, it looked like I was one big fat plodder of a runner.

Tomorrow I complete the Conconi test for him. He told me to be sure I am rested, fuelled and hydrated. I guess I am??...

I'm now enjoying Christmas Vacation. Yippee!

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Lora said...

You are sooooo getting me itchy to try snow-shoeing!!!