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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Need For Speed I

Yup, that time of year again. After not completing for speed workouts since October, it is time to jump on that horse again.

Today's workout was on the treadmill. It is minus fifteen frickin' degrees out there, without the darn wind, and it is windy!

I completed 5 800's at 7:15 pace, 2 minute recovery inbetween, 5 minute warmup 5 minute cool down.

Talking with a travel agent today about a nice little trip to Jamaica during spring break. Ever been to Beaches..in Negril? It rocks.


Flatman said...

Take me...Take me!

Julie B said...

Flatman; it is so awesome. check out beaches.com; it doesn't take much to persuade! Confirmed the reservations today. We fly out on March 18. Yeah!

Suspended Animation said...

We were in Jamaica this summer -- Couples, Negril -- very wonderful. Now is a great time to plan a trip makes you warm inside when it is frigid outside.