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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday Night Run Club

Well, Wednesday Night Run Club was..not. I had a 630 meeting, another member had a meeting, one member was sick. One member was going to run; I ran the run club route at 430 and then headed to my meeting. Meeting ended early so I went to the gym for an awesome chest/bicep workout and ran on the treadmill for a speedy 8 miles.

Had a great treadmill run..I shouted the whole time! A friend happened to be at the gym so we ran side by side. Sure helped the miles tick on by.

Hey-I was invited to a 50K Fat Ass run on Sunday around the Minneapolis Lakes. Woohoo! Lake Harriet to be exact. I'm sure looking forward to it. I had NO plans for Sunday and just like that..something fun to look forward too. Yippee.


robtherunner said...

Oh the life of an ultra-runner, to be able to jump in to a 50K at a moments notice. Gotta love it. Have fun.

Susan said...

Sounds like the run for me - how fun.