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Sunday, January 15, 2006

22 Miles of Hills

Todays workout was more hills. As I previously said, I lack hill workouts. But not for long.

Today I headed out for a 3.5 hour workout on the same route as last week. Nice, long hills. They didn't hurt quite as much as last week. Woofie asked me to think 'run on hot coals' while running up the hills. On toes, light and fast. That's what I thought and that is what I did.

My heart rate really zoomed while running those hills; I saw 196, 203, but the average was 162; right on target.

My first 17 miles were at an average of 9:07 minute miles; the last 4 last miles were at 10:15. Not bad for this chick :)

I'm finding that I look forward to my weekly tempo run. On Thursday night I went to complete it at the gym. I have a treadmill at home; but with the boys running around, asking for this and that, the telephone ringing and people coming to the door, it's a better bet to finish the workout without any interruptions at the gym.

I ran 6 x 10 minutes @ 7.5 mph (168-170 HR) with a 2 minute recovery. It was an awesome workout. I had been dreading it all day, being that it is only my second week of these workouts and I'm familiar with none of them. But I must say, I really enjoyed this one. I felt worked but it didn't exhaust me. I was fully recovered for the long run.

Next Saturday is the Northwoods Snowshoe Marthon in Duluth, MN. 26 miles on snowshoes. My last time running this race was just under 6 hours, I'm hoping I can get finished in under 6 hours again. Each year has great variables. How much snow? How fast is the snow? How cold is it? How windy is it? Last year there was 3' of new snow, I was stuck in a blizzard and couldn't make it. Only 2 people finished the whole race if I recall correctly. The year before was perfect. A few feet of fast snow, temps of 15F, light wind. It's frosty no matter what. I recall a frozen face mask and ice in my eyes. Oh Joy. It's great race; lots of friends and lots of fun!


Cliff said...

That's how I found tempo run as well. First time, I get cold feet. I dont' feel myself doing it. Then progressively it gets easier (and more fun).

I am glad there is snow where you are. There ain't anymore here.

Susan said...

You just reminded me why I'm glad to live in Texas . . . no snowshoe races : )