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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

This morning I and Topaz headed out for the trail. It was beautiful; a little dusting of snow, fresh snowflakes coming down and a temperature of 34F. Too perfect for the end of January! One layer of clothing..unbelievable!

We headed out on our first of two loops, for a 10 mile total. To the right of the trail, about 10 feet off, I could see dark objects on the ground..big, dark objects. Topaz didn't even notice, he was already 1/4 mile up in front of me. I slowed way down, looking to the right. Then I realized what I was looking at. SIX bald eagles..feeding on a deer carcass. Oh my gosh. It was incredible. I stood there for 4 minutes watching. They noticed me and one by one they took for the sky. It was incredible. I have never seen eagles feeding before. They were huge, their beaks so yellow and so big .. even scary. One could have picked Topaz right off of the ground if it so pleased. The wing span had to be three feet. At least.

Coming around for loop two I called Topaz back to me. I wanted to get some pictures. It was too late, they had already flown to the trees. I did get a few pictures of them flying but they sure don't do the birds justice.

On another note, I am 8 pounds heavier that I was in October. This is NOT a good thing. If I continue in the direction I am going I will have gained back all of the weight I lost. That will not do. I have been eating processed carbs in the form of whole wheat wraps, bread, some sugar, oh yeah, it all adds up..to 8 pounds of fat.

One would think that with running 50+ miles a week and lifting 3x a week Julie could eat some of the carbs..but oh no, I've been there and done that. It gets me fat. For me, it is carbs in the form of veggies and fruits that get me slim and trim..and across the finish line in fine form.

Today I am setting up a new Goal Setter over at Leanness Lifestyle and will be whitteling away the 8 pounds. Plus some. I am now In Action.

I have a trip to Negril, Jamaica in March and I will be wearing the teensy weensy bikini. Minus the fat.


jessie_tri_mn said...

I love watching eagles. Nice pic :)

It's astonishing how we all process food a little differently. Plus, that holiday weight sneaks up on us all ;)

Cliff said...

One thing i like about eating carbs from veges and fruits is that they also contain alot of nutrients and minerals.

phil said...


You are an inspiration. I am training for my first 50 miler, as a step up from 30 completed marathons. I could use some advice on the weekly mileage I should build to.

Thanks, Phil

Julie B said...

Phil, congratulations on setting your sights on your first 50. Two things: Go Slower, Go Longer. That's it. Really. Before my first 50 (Ice Age in WI) I ran 2 50K's. The first was 6 weeks out, the 2nd was 3 weeks out. I was running about 40 mpw prior to ultras, I built up to 55 while training those first few years .Good luck!! You will be just fine.

Sheila said...

What a gift you got to see those eagles! I have to DRIVE somewhere to see them, but it's worth it.

Now about those 8 lbs.--you know the drill, get to it, I'm sure they will be long gone before you know it.

BUT, something I do every few months is I take measurements--Chest, Biceps, Waist, Hips, Butt, Thighs and Calves, because for me my muscle tends to "move around" throughout my training season.

So like the first time I saw my thighs got bigger but not my butt or hips, I was like DOH!!! From all the biking.

Even though your focus is on running, with all the strength training you are doing, too, stuff will move around, and eventually you'll find where your "best place" is.

It's not unusual when you increase your training a lot to have your appetite either exceed or lag behind your true needs. But you're smart enough to monitor your weight, so it will all get back in line soon enough!

I really enjoy the zeal with which you are pursuing your goals, and that you are taking a holistic approach. And that you aren't willing to settle for any less than giving your 100%.