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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Hills Are Alive..

Last week I told three of my friends that I was looking for a hilly road route to run for today's workout. I wanted 18 miles of hills.

Well, they knew right where to go.

After Troy's Basketball game we met at Gold's Gym in Monticello for what they promised was a hilly running route.

I believed them right from the get go! 2 friends were running 6 miles and the other had ditched her bike at 13 miles so she could follow me on bike for the remainding 5 miles.

What a route! Hill after hill after hill after relentless hill. We ran up every one of them.

It was a great day for a run. Hardly no breeze, 32F, no ice or snow on the shoulder of the roads and minimal traffic. Our route consisted of County Roads through rural Monticello and Silver Creek Township, past a few lakes, many many horse farms and a few apple orchards. It was beautiful.

It was TOUGH. I'm not a strong hill runner. Well, actually, I'm not a hill runner at all. I sorely lack hill training.

But not any more!

18 miles in 3 hours. Yeah!! Next week it's 3.5 hours. I know right where I'll go:)


Cliff said...

That's nuts. Good job.

E-Speed said...

Hills Blow! Way to tackle them!