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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Arrowhead 135

My friend, Pierre Oster, is the race director and participant in the Arrowhead 135. Yeah, 135 miles on snowmobile trails across the Great White North of Northern Minnesota. This race took place last Monday to Wednesday. You could travel via foot or bike. You had to pull a sled to carry your food/stove/water, etc. as there was minimal aid. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Pierre is unbelievable. He has run the Grand Slam, Badwater, whatever is out there..he has done it. He not only directs the Arrowhead 135 with his wife, but he participates as well. This year was the 2nd Annual and he has finished both times. I think he is bionic.

He just rocks. And you should go to www.arrowheadultra.com Be sure to click on the 'blog' so you can read the race reports.

In the meantime, I and Topaz are off for 2 hours at the rolling field trail. I hope it is as much fun as it was yesterday. When I get cold and tired I will think of John Storkamp (runner winner of Arrowhead and a really nice guy:) and Pierre doing the 135. Good Lord.


nancytoby said...

Pull a sled? Gack! Nope, I'm not doing any race that involves pulling a sled! It's hard enough to get my own carcass moving!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Wow. we're (we being people in general) are really pushing the limits of what ultra is. Makes me wonder if we will ever hit the limits of full human potential or will there always be some few who can continue to cross the treshold.

Hope you had a fun trail run (or maybe snow shoe?) with Topaz!

Simmons said...

Nice blog Julie. You should plan on doing the Arrowhead next year. You could be the first woman runner to enter and/or finish it. Something to think about. Good luck with your 06' season.

Cliff said...

Run or bike while pulling a sled? Never thought of that before ;)