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Friday, February 17, 2006


My schedule keeps on changing this week. I think I know which workouts I am going to complete and when and bam! Everything changes. A meeting comes up, -30F windchill appears, or I find I have some free time to fill.

Today I ran 4 miles of High Intensity Interval Training on the treadmill at 4 AM with a plan of running an additional 6 with Topaz on the trail. Well, damn, it was -36F windchill today. Yeah, -36F. That is COLD. Crispy Cold.

On the way home from work I changed plans. The boys were occupied so I was heading for the gym.

I ended up lifting chest/bicep/tricep for 65 minutes and then donned my new swimsuit, goggles and cap. Well, the new items didn't make the swim any easier. I still reek at swimming. I was able to swim 75 yards w/o taking a rest, so did the 75x3 with a 25 recovery of breast stroke in there 10 times.

My arms are ready to fall off. I had a hard time putting clean sheets on my wonderful new king sized bed. But I managed.

Tommorrow 4 hours of running is on tap. Probably 1/2 on the treadmill and 1/2 on the trail with Topaz if this cold weather holds out.

Now Troy is bugging me to get off the computer. So off I go...

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Sheila said...

No wonder you are exhausted! I get exhausted just reading about your incredible workouts. 65' just for chest/tris/bis??? Holy crap! That's my entire strength workout for the WEEK.

You are incredible. You are toughing it out in tough weather, and you are getting it done. No excuses for you, EVER! You are absolutely going to SOAR once the weather breaks again.