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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Swam...I Sunk..I mean I stunk..

I woke up this morning at 4 AM; ready to meet two friends at the pool for a bit of swimming. Susan is triathlete woman; she wins her age group at many of the tri's here in MN and her strongest event..swimming. I, on the other hand, am all about running. I did a good amount of biking this summer, but my swimming could not even be close to good as I loaf about the beach or swim in my pool at home, never even swimming a full lap; mainly floating about upon a mattress. Kristen had completed a few triathlons and her swimming doesn't suck.

In the pool at 5, ah, it wasn't freezing as I was anticipating. It was about 85F; good for me. I swam two lengths of freestyle and was then holding onto the side of the pool gasping for air. OH MY GOSH, where have my lungs gone? Hello! It was tough. A few minutes of gab session and we are off again for two lengths. They are completing two lengths at a time for my sake, as it is quite apparent that I can not go any further at a time.

Wow. I definately have something to reach for. You know, 3 lengths of the pool. Gah! Tomorrow morning, I'll be hitting it again.

While I was swimming I was thinking about my tempo run tonight. Now that I don't suck at !


Ironayla said...

Great job in getting in the pool! You did a lot better than I did my first swim when I signed up for my first triathlon. I only made it 25 yards and wondered how in the heck I was going to swim 400 yards.

Just keep getting in the pool and really working on technique - swimming in all about that.

Oh, and I love my wetsuit! Because I know I wont' drown with it on.... I can just float without much effort :) My wetsuit is my security blanket during the swim :)

jessie_tri_mn said...

Alright Julie, you're on your way to being a triathlete, yet!

It's really great you have the support of some accomplished swimmers to help you out in the pool. That'll be good to get pointers on technique.

You'll be able to do that 600 yards in may, just focus on one lap at a time building up to it!

Enjoy your tempo run!

Cliff said...

U started better than me. Before I could only swim one lap. I stunk too, and sunk.

William said...

It comes quickly! I, like Cliff, couldn't swim one length and now I can swim 1.5k non-stop. I am slow, but it will come.

Good luck Julie.

Susan said...

Great job getting in the pool - you are doing way better than me . . . I can't even do a whole lap without ending up in someone else's lane.