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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wonky Workout

I've been getting through this week. It's been tough.

Ann's wake was on Sunday and her funeral was on Monday. It was very good to grieve with people that miss her as much as I. I have only been to one other funeral, and never a wake or burial, so this was all new territory. She had a full mass at her funeral which was just lovely.

So, for this wonky workout. I ran a 6 minute test-needed to see what distance I ran in 6 minutes. I had to travel 54 miles to an indoor track, as the High School track is covered in snow and ice. Well, I ran 1333 meters or so. So Coach figured out this workout for me related to V02 max. At 2% incline run 30 seconds on the treadmill at 8.3 mph; then 30 seconds at 4.3 mph for as long as I could. Well, he added a side note that most run for less than 20 minutes the first time.

I thought I must be completing this workout incorrectly because I could have run it forever and a day. I went for 45 minutes and was becoming bored and crabby. I was never able to really R U N. I would get up to 8.3, run hard..for 30 seconds and back down to 4.3 and that just sucked. After 5 miles I gave up on the back and forth business and just ran hard at 8.3 for another few miles. At least I felt like I accomplished something! I emailed him to see what exactly this workout was for and did I complete it correctly?

I had some spare time so I lifted shoulders/back as well.

Tonight is run club; I'm blessed with a great group of friends there, it will be good to run with them .

Tomorrow NEWS FLASH: My first swim. Yup, I'm entering my first triathlon on May 6 so I need to get into the pool. I'm meeting triathlete friend Susan at the gym at 5 AM. Yup. Then in the evening I'll be running my tempo.

Rock On.


Phil said...

Hi Julie,

A Triathlon!!! What will you do next. You are a great inspiration. I have done 31 marathons, and want to do a 50 miler on Catalina Island next Jan. Your writing is a gift to help me along the way.

So sorry about your loss. Rest assured, your way of living, and your time sharing that here is bringing life to many, and was a gift to your friend.

Take Care, Phil G

Anonymous said...

Something does seem off for your VO2 max workout - it may be related to your 6 min. time trial. I'm wondering if you had a bad day or just computed the lap/distance wrong. 1333 meters in 6 mins is a 7:12 pace, which suggests a 1 mile PR around 7:20-7:30. You're clearly faster than that, which is probably why your treadmill workout (designed based on this 6 min time trial?) was too easy. I'm sure your coach will figure it out...