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Friday, March 17, 2006

Week in Review

My computer is back up! After having the Geek Squad out for another 3.5 hours last night they finally cleaned up my computer and made it brand spanking new. They were able to save all of my photos too. Awesome!

Well, last week was my biggest training week ever in my life. I made it through and I survived without any ill effects. No pain, no injury, all is well.

Monday was a 5 mile run on the trail with Topaz and 60 minutes of Legs.
Tuesday was the 60:60 workout; 60 seconds at 8.8 mph and 60 seconds at 4.8 mph for 30 minutes; then a 5 mile trail run with Topaz
Wednesday was 10 miles with run club
Thursday was a tempo run on the treadmill + 3 miles on the trail with Topaz and 60 minutes of tri, bi and chest
Friday was 3 miles in the AM on the treadmill + 5 miles on the trail with Topaz
Saturday was 50 miles around the Minneapolis lakes
Sunday was 15 miles on the trail with Topaz

I ran a total of 105 miles last week. 2 hours of RT. And I didn't die. I just did it.

This week I've backed off a bit; will have a total of 50 miles and 3 hours of resistance training. My last two runs of the week will be on the 7 mile beach of Negril, Jamaica. Yeah!

Steve's sister is here to house and dog/cat/turtle sit and we are heading out in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Over and OUT!


nancytoby said...

You are a freakin' machine, woman.

Cliff said...

Topaz (and his owner) sures love trail running.

Glad your comp is back in business.

William said...

I hate you Julie. You've run as much in one week as my heaviest month last year.

It sure puts things in perspective for me.

YOU ARE HARD AS NAILS. A bio-mechanical wonder. Keep up the good work. You're going to kick butt this year.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Have a fantastic time on your vacation. Jamaica sounds fantastic right about now.

Great job on your week. 50 miles is a small week now. Having a greater than 100 mile week must change perspective a little ;)

marathonP said...

Just WOW!

Enjoy Jamiaca.


Karen said...

Hi Julie

Been reading your blog for a long time ..you are awesome! Im from Australia and would love to email you .. as you dont have a visible email address I will leave mine and would you to send you addy. My
email is : kaz1@excite.com


marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Hope you are having a great break in sunny Jamaica. I ran the LA Marthon yesterday, my 32nd. I gotta tell ya, thinking of doing 50 miles feels like a really bad idea today :) but I know its just putting in the work, which no one exemplifies like you do.

I'll try to emulate your kind of dedication to distance, speed and strength training, and I know 50 miles will be mine if I do. Gotta trust!


marathonP said...

Hey Julie,

Great news. I called my old running buddy Carl and asked if he'd like to do the Catalina Island 50 Miler with me in Jan 2007. Without a second of hesitation he said "sure!!". Carls done many marathons and triathlons, and is a great outdoorsman/adventurer. Having a training partner like him will be great, but especially having a partner to run with during the event: invaluable. Great news!

Hope you're lovin Jamaica!!

:) phil

robtherunner said...

Impressive mileage Julie. I made it up to 92 miles last year before my 100 and am having some trouble building mileage this year. Definitely sounds like you will be ready for the 100 in a few weeks.