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Monday, April 10, 2006

Grand Slam

One of my goals is to run the Grand Slam of ultra running. 4 100 miles races in 8 weeks. Vermont, Western States, Leadville and Wasatch make up the 4.

Yesterday I met with a woman who has run the Grand Slam. She is the only woman from Minnesota to have finished the series. I had met Wendy this past winter, only saying hi and congratulations on running the GS, can we meet someday for lunch to discuss?

We were finally able to work out our schedules to meet for lunch yesterday. Wendy brought her photo albums of the races that her pacers/friends and hubby took. They were wonderful. She had friends from MN that travelled with her to each race.

We spoke for 2.5 hours and I could have asked a zillion more questions but my goodness, it was time for us to go home!

She told me that in her opinion, most of the people that are able to finish the GS run sub 4 hour marathons. She told me that in her opion, speed training is of great importance. I agree. You have to have quick leg turnover, you have to beat the cut- offs. 3 of the races are a 30 hour time limit, Wasatch is 36.

She loves Leadville, it is in her blood. She'll run it again and HIGHLY recommends the training weekend offered; as well as the training weekend for Western States.

It was awesome to speak with her. I like to have someone from who I can learn and talk with about these races; a mentor. We'll be keeping in contact and will be traveling to/running a few races together.

I am just runnng 3-5 miles on the trail this week; taking it easy. I'm being careful with my calories so I don't gain during this low exercise week. I haven't lifted weights for 2 weeks and it feels like my biceps left me. I'm anxious to run the race and get back into training mode.

Superior 50K is May 20. I think I'm going to race this one.

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Travis said...

Just checking in. I have a blog here now! I know what you mean about the biceps... I used to compete in power-lifting, now I do endurance sports!