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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yeah Baby! I ran the 5 mile run club route tonight in 38:21! That's pretty damn fast for this fat slow chick. Wow. I wasn't last either as usual. There was a stiff wind around the lakes which made it challenging but, hey, what a good run.

Last week I was luck to pull out a 43:45! I wasn't too hard on myself as it was only 1.5 weeks past McNaughton. I'm sure glad I'm getting my legs back.

Tomorrow I'll begin 2 a day's. I'll head over to the gym for 5 AM lifting; then back home in time to shower and wake the boys. Tomorrow during baseball practice I'll run 800's.

Run On.


E-Speed said...

sounds darn fast for a club run to me. good job!

Brett said...

That's smoking. I don't think you need to label yourself fat or slow anymore! I think svelte and swift is more like it!

Travis said...

Awesome job, that's a great time! Keep up the hard work.

Cliff said...

Congrats on the new time :)