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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Recovery/Taper ??

I feel very good and strong; recovering well, or am I tapering? Both, of course. Recovering from a strong effort on the Superior Hiking Trail 50K and tapering for FANS 24 Hour Run. Ooohh..that FANS thing still gives me a fright.

On the way home Sunday I ran a 10 mile section of the SHT from Manitou to past Caribou River. It was real beautiful but damn, it was tough! It felt good to stretch out my legs and all, but it still hurt. It was a tough stretch of trail. I need to figure out where I'll be at night during the 100 so I can check out that section of trail. I still haven't quite put together those thoughts.

Monday I and Topaz ran 5 miles on the Blue Hill Trail, just nice and easy. Yesterday was the same thing, plus I lifted 50 minutes at the gym; back and shoulders.

Lat Pull Downs: 90x8x3
Row: 95x7x4
Bent Over Row-DB: 35x10x3
Pull ups: Unassisted 6 then died on 7

DB Shoulder Press: 30x8x3
Lever Shoulder Press: 45x6x3
Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 105x6x5
Superset Front-Side-Etc.DB 25x4x3;20x4x3;15x4x3

Tonight was Run Club. I and Curt - who ran his first Superior run on Saturday - ran it in 40:xx. We kept speeding up and had to tell one another to SLOW DOWN. We are not racing, we are recovering, we can't talk, SLOW DOWN! I thought it would be a 43-45 minute night. 40 was awesome :)

I'll run 5's Thursday and Friday, lift biceps/tricep/chest then probably a 5 and 10 this weekend.

Then it's FANS time!


Brett said...

Good luck with your race. I can't wait to read about it!

marathonP said...

Get em Julie! I have to do a little 32 miler Saturday and I have that eeeek feeling like you have for FANS. Just one step at a time, right? It'll be a great start to the long Memorial day weekend. When I'm getting sore and tired on my 32, I can always say, "Hey, Julie is running 100 in 24 hours at FANS, come on!".

Have a great holiday weekend,


Susan said...

I can't wait to read about the race! What kind of dog is Topaz, other than super cute?

Julie B said...

Hi Susan,

Topaz is a Border Collie. His color is Blue Merle. He's a great running companion! I wasn't sure which breed of dog to purchase, then researched the breed and knew it was just what I wanted..a dog to run with. He is wonderful for an owner who wants a dog with endless energy. We have 5 acres of property for him to cruise; he would not do well in a fenced yard or in a city. I bought him from a working sheep farm where his sire and dam herd sheep all day long.

matt said...

hi julie...i just found your site through kim's link (ultranewby). when are you running FANS and what is your goal for the 24 hours? i don't know that much about that race...is it pretty hilly? shot loop course? i am running my first 50 miler in october, but i am thinking of trying a 24 hour race before i try a 100 miler. good luck with your race and i look forward to your report :)

Julie B said...

Hi Matt, welcome to the world of ultra running. You will LOVE it! I sure do.

FANS is a 2.23 mile asphalt trail around Lake Nakomis in Minneapolis. It is pretty flat, oh, except for one concrete bridge overpass. My goal for 24 hours is 100 miles. FANS beats me up. It's tough mentally..it's difficult for me to stay in the race. I'm going to do it next time. The race is next Saturday. Right now, next weekend, I'll have 2.5 hours left. Today it is 93F so I am sure glad the race isn't this weekend! I ran FANS for a long race before my second 50 miler. I ran 40 miles there and felt confident going into the 50. It's a good option.

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend. My 32 miler was great, with only one issue: blisters. I taped my trouble spots with Elasticon but still had troubles. Have you found any secrets?

Looking forward to your adventure at FANS; good luck.


matt said...

this is for phil and juile (and anyone else):

phil, i haven't been getting any blisters for months since switching to wright socks...well, until yesterday on my 21.5 mile trail run. does the elasticon usually work for you? i am also wondering if you tape up or put second skin on common hot spots before you run, if that can prevent trouble later on. my feet were on fire at the end of my run and slowed me down tremendously with several blisters. are there any good preventative measures for blisters?

Julie B said...

phil-congrats on the 32miler. SUPERB!!! Isn't it amazing what the body can do when pushed and trained! Your 50 will be NO problem :)