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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

Today is the Western States 100 Mile Race. www.ws100.com

Bonnie is running right now; she is at mile 13. The webcast at the WS website shows approximately where your runner is and what pace, which aid station, etc. that they have passed through. It's an awesome way to feel that you are at the race, when in fact, you weren't lucky enough to be selected!

You can do it Bonnie!!

I'm following 10 runners, 5 are Minnesotan's.

I entered the lottery for the race but it wasn't my year. Hopefully I will be selected next year .. the second week of December I will know for sure. If selected, I'll begin the quest for the Grand Slam. 4 100's in the mountains in 8 weeks. I'm crossing my fingers!

WS has a three times rule. If you are not selected for the race two years in a row, you automatically are selected the third year. So, I could be trying the Grand Slam in '08 if not in '07. Another year older..great.

Tomorrow is the Big Lake 8K. This was the first race that I ever ran, and have been running it each year since. My first year it took me 65 minutes to complete..and I ran it the whole way! There were some walkers, so I wasn't dead last, but I wasn't very fast either. Nonetheless, it was a great day, and I would have never believed what that race would lead too!

The Big Lake 8K was Ann's first race too, we ran it together and have run each of them since. Tomorrow will bring another 'first without Ann' there have been many of those this summer. I know she will be there though. We always stood together, at the finish, talking about/with the other runners, enjoying the awards ceremony after the race.

After the race tomorrow I am heading over to Afton State Park. I have a 60th Birthday party to attend. Most of the others will run Afton, then party. I'll run Big Lake, then party! All of my running friends will be there; great fun.

Friday I ran 800's for the first time since prior to FANS. It went very well. 8x800: slowest: 3:32 fastest: 3:21 with a one mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. Yeah. Rode bike 20 miles, recreationally. I just rode into Big Lake, around the lake, and back home..nice and easy.

Today: 10 miles on the gravel road of Prairie Drive. There were some girls out there walking, training for the three day walk against breast cancer. It was nice to see some other bodies out there moving.

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marathonP said...

Crossing my fingers Julie and hoping you get in for 2007.

Thanks for the link to the WS100. Exciting and inspiring.

Glad you are recovered.