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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My New Workouts

I posted last April that I had decided to enter the Arrowhead 135 Mile Ultramarathon. www.arrowheadultra.com This is a self-supported Ultra that travels a snowmobile trail in Northern Minnesota. The trail actually is very close to our cabin, on Lake Vermilion. My friend, Pierre Oster, and his wife, Cheryl, are the race directors. John Storkamp holds the record for first finisher on foot ever(you can travel on foot, skiis or ice bike)in 53 hours last year. John and Pierre talked me into this race last April as we were talking after a run at Zumbro. The rest is history.

At the Afton races last week Pierre brought me a sled to use for the race. He built it, I'll borrow it to train and race.

Last week while my family was at the lake I pulled it out from a hiding spot in the garage to try out. I ran with it for 12 miles ( walked about 3 miles of the 12) and loaded it with 30 pounds of dumbbells. During the race I'll have to carry my sleeping bag (yikes), stove, water, clothes, food, etc. etc. etc. in there.

I will practice camping this winter at Afton State Park. Hopefully John and Scott (who also ran the Arrowhead last year--what am I doing hanging out with these guys??) will show me the ropes.

Sunday, after returning home from the 50 at Superior, I took out the sled for 8 miles and again today for 10. Topaz doesn't like the sled. I think he's jealous! Maybe I'll carry some treats inside of it for him. Or, he is afraid of the noise it makes as I pull it across the grass. Pierre told me it is fine to practice on grass, just be sure I don't pull on asphalt.

After 10 miles today pulling, I'll be happy run 5 on asphalt with the Run Club..not pulling!

My family thinks I have truly gone over the edge..I told them 'not yet'.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oooo, cool! is that the one written up in Ultrarunning a few months ago?

Julie B said...

Yes, that's the article. My friend, John Storkamp, wrote that article.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

very awesome. i'm in awe. i read and re-read that article :)

i'm barely getting ready to train for a 50-miler, but i know someday in the future, i'll be moving on to longer races...it's inspiring to find other women running long.

mtnrunR said...

That sounds like a great adventure you are going to do.

When I was at WS training camp I met a guy that has done Sustina twice. Then at States he stayed he was camping before the race. I invited Tim to stay with us at the condo. He told us all about Sustina and how much fun he had. He did it on foot both times.

Oh, he also finished States in great form. I had a great day too.

Anyway, have fun getting ready for a romp in the snow.
tom riley

robtherunner said...

You might have gone over the edge Julie, but I wish I could follow you.