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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Trail Run Freak Out

Yesterday I received my packet of information from Larry, RD of the Superior Races. www.superiortrailrace.com It freaked me out. It make the race real and that made me fearful, full of anxiety, excited and waiting in anticipation all at the same time. Too many emotions with fear over riding them all. Fear of the unknown - running longer than I have - not in distance (102.5 miles) but in hours. FANS was 116.8 miles but 24 hours. This will be 102.5 miles but 35-38 hours. Wow. That's a long time! Much can happen to me physically and mentally in the span of 38 hours. I'll have highs and lows and those altogether awesome periods when nothing matters but the trail in front of me. When I am living in the moment, wishing that my family could see the beauty and feel what I am feeling. That's what I'm looking forward to. When the endorphins are so high and plentiful that nothing matters, nothing hurts, it's all good.

I am thinking Superior Sawtooth 24/7. I am thinking about my drop bags; what will I put in each one. Where will I be on the trail when it gets dark, what bag will my flashlights go into. Do I need another iPod for Day 2? Probably. What drop back will be near sunrise. Where should I put a spare, dry jacket? Foot potion? I'll need an empty drop bag to drop off my flashlight in. What type of clothing do I need? I suppose I need extra shoes at one point for 'just in case'. Dry clothing to change into in the morning, that might feel nice. Or maybe I'll be too close to the cut offs and just need to move on out. No time for the luxury of changing clothing. This is where a crew comes in handy. Everything is in their car. No worries. I guess this just takes planning and this IS my first time with the drop bags strewn about (McNaughton was a 10 mile loop so I only needed one drop bag at the start/finish) so this IS why I find myself in freak out mode.

I'm trying to make a pace chart. There has GOT to be a worksheet on someones ultra page where you just plug in the mileage, the minute expected per mile and wala..instant clock time and race time shows at corresponding aid station. Where is that?? Someone has to have created one out there in internet land.

I've created one using 32, 35 and 38 hour finishing times. I don't know how accurate it is. I figured out a 17:32 mile pace which is what I and Maria did last week; an 18:32 pace which is what we did during the 50 mile beta test and a 38 hour which was 22 something I think. Those times included our very very long aid station breaks. I won't be breaking as long as I did during the prior training runs. Plus we ran those training runs pretty slow. BUT the training runs didn't have a night run..only some darkness. Whatever.

I'm very grateful that the fifty milers will probably be upon the course toward the finish as I am. It will be wonderful to see other people out on the trail. With only 28 entered into the 100 I will be by myself most of the time I am sure. When I come upon the 50 milers and maybe the marathoners, that will really give me a boost.

Alicia and Lynette are manning the Oberg station. That will give me something to look forward to, near the finish. They are 7.5 miles out. I don't know where everybody else is volunteering at. I'll have to find out, it'll be a treat to know a familiar face is coming up soon.

This is a tapering week and I don't care for it. I ran my 800's, run club, a few 5's and 10's this weekend. I am cutting back weight training to 2x this week. Next week I'll cut back even more.

I and Topaz headed out bright and early for 10 on the trail before Tyler's football scrimmages. He had three scrimmages and a potluck afterward, with all football teams grades 9-12 and parents. It was a fun time.

Now I'll think about those drop bags some more and maybe pack some up.

Yeah. The Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Trail Run.

Wow. It's less than two weeks out.


Runningdoctor said...

I just discovered your blog; I love it. To the point where I had to go back and read your race reports. Please keep it up; I will definitely be a regular reader.

marathonP said...


You'll be great no doubt, but its great to hear your real feelings before the race. Ah, the fear. We all know that feeling, dread that feeling, and we all love that feeling. That's why we're here...living full and overcoming. Thanks for the details on the drop bags, foot potions, etc. I love it. Nothing prepares me for my running into the unknown of longer distances like reading your blog. Thanks very much!

:) phil

Julie B said...

Hi RunningDr; glad you are enjoying it here.

You are welcome Phil! I really am freaking. I try to keep busy, I'm cleaning the pool and cooking today. I'm having Tylers football team over for bbq and swimming tomorrow. But all I'm thinking about is the race. I'll be driving along and all of a sudden blurt out something about the race to the boys or to Steve. They tell me I'll be fine..nothing to worry about. I'm worried. I'm excited. I'm thankful I'm trying it. It'll be awesome. I'm scared. It's OK! It's another awesome adventure and I'm glad I'm taking part in it. This is something I said I would NEVER do..the Superior 100. I was adamantly opposed to this race! It was too tough for me. Never say Never...

Glad I'm preparing you!!

marathonP said...

There are so few people who live at this level. My daughter is a multi-sport high school athlete and I was reading your blog to her this morning...a lesson of life I told her: when you put yourself in a great place, you are dealing with fear. People sitting on couches watching TV are not dealing with fear. A champion winning her their first sporting event (golf, tennis, skiing, swimming, anything) is dealing with fear. A surgeon before her first real surgery is dealing with fear. A person in any great life-changing experience is dealing with fear. If you are living right, you are setting yourself up for great moments of fear; it is the right place to be. Julie, you constantly put yourself in the right place...I am trying to do the same.

That waking in the dark before the longest run...what a place to be. Life changing; life making.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry to much about it you , have the experience to push through this nibeast. I will say though that in my opion with the ST 100 (I ran it in 03 as my first 100) that the most important thing that will cost you time is poor lights . The trail (and i was only on a small part of it) was so technical that without good lights you were just barely moving and worried about foot placement the whole time. With bright lights you have more comfidence about foot placement.
This year I'll be running a 1 watt led headlamp and a 3 watt hand head. I figure I'll look like a car on the trail but at least I'll feel safe.
that's just my 2 cents.

marathonP said...

And speaking of TERROR and FREAKING OUT (...I love how life works), I am in terror of the dull ache in my left arch/heel; it's been there for a few months now. Is it debilitating plantar fasciitis? Is it a small ache I should just ignore (as I have been of course)? Should I stop running as I look for a doctor that won't just tell me to stop running? Should I just keep running as I am and move through this? Will I have to have corrective surgery later for ignoring it, as a friend of mine had to recently? A SHADOW OF FEAR and FREAKING OUT is on me when I wake up early to run and hangs over my joyous running.

I have tried to rest a little, but I HATE and am in TERROR of the concept of falling behind in my training. What if the doctor tells me to stop! FEAR and FREAKING OUT!!!!

Again, I have to take my own advice: this is a good place to be, I must be challenging myself. I'll just have to deal with it, and hopefully find a treatment that allows recovery while reaching my goals with continued running.

Don't you hate when life makes you take your own advice!!!

:) phil

Cliff said...

I guess the race only becomes real when u get that race packet.

I have so many questions (pretty much newbie questions)...

like how many drop off bags do u have...
how big is the loops...
what will u eat...

Can't wait to read more about your adventure as the race day comes :)

olga said...

As long as you freak out - you are in a right place to be, enjoying it. There was a point in my running life when I stopped freaking out and getting scared and excited - and it was a bad spot, ending with DNF and general dislike of things. Had to back off and re-evaluate.
I am happy to hear you're where you are. Love every minute of it! Besides, it lets you feel like a kid again:)

robtherunner said...


Coming off a non freaking out before the start, sleeping like a baby the night before, and becoming so nonchalant about running 100 miles DNF I can tell you I wish that I was doing what you are doing right now for the past few months. You're in great shape and I wish you the best out there. I appreciate that you do not take things for granted and keep working hard and enjoying it in the process.