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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Superior Sawtooth 100 Preparations

I have my pace chart created. I took my 50 mile training run mid July, which was the first 50 miles of the race ..that pace was 18:51 per mile, including the very long aid station breaks. I used this pace for a 32 hour finish. I hope to stay on track at this pace for the hours 8AM to 8PM. Then I figured out a 35 hour pace; based on a 20:50 minute mile. This takes into account night time slowness. I'm hoping when daylight breaks on Saturday morning that I am on a 35 hour pace. At least I would have a bit of cushion to finish then. BUT, I also have a 38 hour pace chart which is the last chance at a finish. It is based on a 22:25 minute mile. I'm fine with being here on Saturday. But Friday I really want the 32. I will strive for the 32.

My best case GOAL scenario is to finish in 35 hours. I'd love a 35 hour finish. Second goal is to finish. 38 hours. MAN, that is a loooonnnngggg time. Yeah, I must finish this. I will try my hardest, I'll try with all that I have. I will not quit, I may be pulled, but I will not quit.

I've figured my drop bags based on the three charts. I'll have 5 bags with clothing, foot potion, extra shoes, jackets, rain ponchos, bandanas, hat, advil, S Caps, flashlights..all strategically placed at the earliest point I may need them. For instance, there is NO drop bag access at Tettegouche Aid Station-mile 34.2; which I will hopefully reach at 6:33 PM, when I would like to pick up lights. BUT there is an AS at mile 24.3; Silver Bay, which I may reach (earliest) at 3:29 PM. I'll have to carry flashlights at that point to night fall. If I'm earlier than 329 I'll be carrying lights forever before I finally need them. I'll wear Race Ready shorts with many pockets so I can stuff things into them. They will be heavy with stuff and falling from my waist.

I'll have a drop bag at 58 miles-Sounju Lake-with shoes, socks and foot potion IN CASE I have foot problems. If i don't, I'll just move on. I'll have an empty drop bag at first light in the AM aid station to drop off my lights into. I'll have another lights bag at Sawbill just in case I'm running the 38 hour pace and will be finishing in the dark. Could happen. I'll be prepared.

I am SO excited that Larry is starting the 100 on Friday at 8 AM, so that the marathoners could still be on the course, and the 50 milers will still be on the course as we run the last sections of the race, maybe together. That will give me something wonderful to look forward to. Many of my friends are running the marathon or 50.

I ordered an iPod battery attachment for my iPod. It should arrive today, so I haven't tried it out yet. It is supposed to charge the iPod while the iPod battery is getting low. Supposedly it will add another 12-15 hour charge; just what I'll need! I'm thinking I'll listen to music during the daylight hours and will just carry the iPod throughout the race. Did I mention that I finally figured out the freeze problem I was having with it? Yeah, I needed to learn to re-set. I learned, thanks to the help from my cyber friends.

I'll carry a two water bottle pack in addition to a hand held bottle. There are sections 6-10 miles without aid stations so 70+ ounces is needed. I find that I drink 24 oz an hour, whether hot or cold. I'll have two ultimate direction little packs attached to my waist belt for my iPod if it rains, and my camera. I'll have some foot potion, advil and S caps, some hammergel, back up batteries for lights, some toilet paper for the start.

It will be light at the start so I won't need lights. I don't know if I'll need a jacket. I hope it isn't raining, but probably will be. I'm prepared.

I'll place velcro on all of my shoes in drop bags so that I can use my gaitors.

Cliff, the course is point to point. No loops. That's why I need to place drop bags all over the place.

I have the Fenix 1 and 2 handhelds along with a headlamp that is a 12 LED, I'll look like a freight train coming through the woods.

Dallas, thanks for the tips. Light is good.

What else? I need to figure out the boys schedule. Tyler and Troy both have school Thursday and Friday, along with football practices. Steve leaves the house at 4 AM and returns and 7 PM normally. He is thinking of taking Friday off to be Mom, and I will get the boys off to school on Thursday before I leave for Lutsen. Thursday practices are up in the air. I'd think some parents could help out with rides Thursday night.

The pre-race dinner is at 5 in Two Harbors. I'll be there for sure. That will mark the beginning of the Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Trail Run festivities.

I'll enjoy. I'll enjoy the time in the woods, reflecting on me, my life, the beauty that nature provides. It will be awesome.

I'm looking forward to the race. It is another something that I said I would never do. I'm going to enjoy feeling my body move through the woods, enjoy the nightime adventure, maybe see the Northern Lights, enjoy the whole race..immensely...and make it to the finish line.

I'm excited!


marathonP said...


You'll do great Julie. You prepare consistently and your attitude is the best. And you have many people running with you, ready to support your outcome...whatever it is. The training and the life-change is the success and you've done it; the race is a lesson, can't wait to hear what is turns out to be.

Go get em girl!!

:) phil

olga said...

very thorough (did I spell it right?).
just the way it should be for a solid contender:)

Cathy said...

You make it sound so easy!
I know that you will exceed your times, as usual. Have a great race. Looking forward to reading all about it.

Susan said...

Wow. 100 miles - pretty amazing - you are going to do great! You make things sound so easy! I love your attitude.

Joe said...

Julie, I'm new to your blog and enjoy it! I obsess over preparations and can totally relate to all your Drop Bag Planning!

Don't you love the Race Ready Shorts?? They are the best I've ever worn. Love all the pockets but even more the fit.

Go get 'em!!