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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yeah. Tapering. You'd think it would be a nice break, you know, easing back on mileage and weight training. Not. Makes my schedule too open, too much time on my hands (to .. eat?) sluggish and what not. I don't care for it. At All.

Instead of 800's last night I brought Troy to football practice and ran the run club route..then realized it was a mile away from where we usually start so actually ran 7 miles. Oh well. They were easy slow miles. Not the killer 800's, so I figure that was worthy of the name taper.

Because I have to work the Open House at the High School tonight from 5-730 I was able to come in late, at 930 today. Since I'll be missing run club tonight, I and Topaz hit the trail at 7 AM. It was awesome to sleep in until 6 and make Troy and Tyler pancakes before heading out. Yeah, we all are early to bed and early to rise.

It was incredibly foggy this morning. While I was running I couldn't even see Topaz up ahead of me. As we were nearing the river I could hear a coyote barking and howling. I don't know if we suprised him because of the fog-does fog mask the sense of smell? Usually the coyotes smell Topaz and I, and leave us alone. Anyhow, Topaz ran up on him and thought he needed to be herded. Oh man. I couldn't see through the fog, couldn't see the coyote but certainly heard that he was near. Topaz's hair on his back stood on end and he did his herding stance. On all four, crawling toward the coyote, giving him the Border Collie stare. The coyote wouldn't budge. He was howling and barking up a storm. Finally I saw the coyote ran off, Topaz after him and I don't know what happened from there. Topaz eventually came back, panting hard, but fine.

Nice way to start the day...

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olga said...

Jul, I wish I were there next week too (in response to your comment). In fact, when you put a request on the post, I honestly looked up where the hell Superior is held and how much are tickets running. It is not even near any airport, damn it! And time...heck, time away from family is my biggest issue. I am filling in the points from last year, and it seems to be a never ending thing.
But - as I looked over the website, and registered runners, I have a few things to say...what I won't. So you'd have to wait for it to be over:) Jul, you'are ready, honey. Yes, as you know, crap happens, it's a freaking long way to go, but you are as ready as one can be. The rest is just going to happen and fall in together. I have a strong belief in it.
Keep jumping in your chair. It's a great feeling!