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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Runnings

I had a great weekend! Happily, it is only 940 AM so most of Sunday is still wide open. I am going to head over to the Outlets of Albertville in an hour or so to do some more school shopping for the boys. Thank goodness they are not very picky and Old Navy, Nike and PacSun serves them fine.

I was originally intending to drive to WI yesterday AM to trail run with friends along the St. Croix. However, as the weekend drew near and I realized Tyler had football equipment pick up and Troy had paintball and Steve really wanted to work on the deck and I wasn't going to run 40 at SHT next weekend, more like 25, I rearranged my schedule.

Yesterday I headed out at 4 AM to the Blue Hill Trail. There is a sign that states Daylight Use Only. Oh well, so write me a ticket then. I ordered some new lights from ZombieRunner that I wanted to try out so I and Topaz left home bright and early. Topaz already had 35 miles on this week so I asked Steve to come and pick him up at 8 AM; 20 miles was going to have to be enough to Pazzie. Most of the water holes are completely dry; there is one river that has like one foot of water in it and that is it.

My lights worked incredibly well. I have never run on the trail here in the dark, it gave it an eerie look, but very cool. The sunrise was fantastic, all pink and orange coming over the hill. There were white swans flying overhead. I hope they are not leaving the area already. Please don't tell me fall is already on the way.

As Topaz and I were running the 4th loop at 20 miles he took off into the woods. I heard what I think was a couple grouse getting angry with him. They were making that fluttering sound and puffing themselves out. I stopped running, I'm standing in the middle of the trail, looking back, into the woods and listening to this ruckus. All of a sudden Topaz come barreling out of the woods, full of pickers and brush, flies past me and the DAMN BIRD lands at my feet! What the hell? I hate birds. Well, I like them in my bird feeder, I like to watch the Eagles at a distance but I don't like birds near me. I screamed out three loud screams, freaked Topaz out so he is jumping and me and this damn grouse is flopping at my feet and PECKING me. WTF?? I'm out of there. We ran toward the trail head as Steve was walking out to the trail to pick up Topaz for me. I walked a loop with him and of course we never saw the damn bird. He and Topaz took off and Topaz was not a happy camper.

I finished up the next 15 miles uneventfully and was able to make it home before the boys activities began.

Today I was a bit apprehensive, but excited about my run. I was running with Curt, from run club, and a friend of his, Steve. Last night I was able to talk Deb, from run club into joining us as well. Yippee! I wanted to get in 20 miles and Deb was planning on 12 or so. We met in Elk River at 530 and headed out into the dark streets. We ran asphalt, I tried out my Inov 8 Terroc shoes and they felt awesome the whole way. They are so light I just can't believe it.

We ran city streets, bike paths, quiet residential roads. We arrived at the starting point at 2:08 so Deb and Steve called it a run and I and Curt went out for another hour. It was awesome. We ran 9:20's most of the time and my legs felt fine.

So I guess I'm all trained up for the Superior Sawtooth 100 mile run. There isn't much else I can do now. I'll check out the night portion of the race next weekend and just hang tight. I'll probably run 2 50 mile weeks, a 30 mile week and it'll be party time!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Ack! Birds are nice and all, but pecking at you?! Yikes!

olga said...

Wow, how do you go for 40 miles by yourself on 5 mile loops? Amazing! I'd be looking for an excuse:) And trail shoes on roads? I think you might have that "perfect gate" that would use anything anywhere! Way to train there, Julie, of course you're ready!