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Sunday, October 22, 2006


I have been nothing but exhausted this week. Completely and totally, physically and mentally. Exhausted and plain old wore out.

I have never really felt this tired while training; I always love training and running long distance. This week though, man, the miles caught up to me!

Wednesday I was going to go to run club. I cooked dinner, ate, cleaned up the kitched and sat on the couch to watch the news, dressed in running clothes. I woke up at 610 when run club begins at 6. Oops. Exhausted. Totally and completely!

Thursday I managed to make it to a new gym in town. I wanted to check it out, see how busy it is. It is only 6 minutes from home vs the 25 it takes me to get to Gold's. But there is less equipment, but, they are open 24 hours. It's cheaper. I obtained a 2 week pass; I'll use it for a while but continue my membership at Gold's just incase I end up waiting for weights. I couldn't tolerate that. I ended up doing full body; 65 minutes and ran with Topaz on the trail for 5 miles; well, walking and running.

Friday a few friends that I have met along the way arrived into town for a body building competion. They looked fabulous! We had dinner, caught up and they went off with their nervous selves to get some rest. It reminded me up the night before a 100 miles..all the nerves and wondering what will transpire the next day. It was incredible. Wow, the muscles these girls have developed, incredible!

Yesterday they had pre judging in the AM and the final judging in the PM; it was awesome to watch the women body builders. The show was a natural; no drug enhanced physiques here, all drug tested. Many families of the competitors came to watch and cheer.

I found myself wondering what their employers/co workers/friends must think a few days prior and after the competion, the contestants color their skin very very dark to show each muscle with definition. On stage they look great all oily and dark, but in real life, it looks freaky. I suppose their employers and the people in their life just get used to it and think "oh yeah, she's competing again..." just as when I come hobbling into work post long race my co workers say "oh yeah, she raced long again and can't walk and probably is full of blisters and no toenails" ...

K took first Overall Champion in Body Building (she was in the heavyweight class at 141) and S took 2nd Overall in Figure (tall class) Pretty darn awesome!

This afternoon I and Topaz will hit the trail for 10 miles. I feel like I have some energy to burn!

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olga said...

Tired is normal recation after a season you had. it is also fall, I blame it:)
The link I found through you to Liz's blog was awesome - about the girls and body-building competitions! Very inspiring!