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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

June Running In November

Today it hit 70 degrees! Yeah, 70! All I could think about was run club and being able to run outside in shorts. Funny that being a runner, that is all I thought about all day. It brought me a smile when I was irritated with students and brought me a smile as I was paying bills. Not a bad thought to have during the course of the day.

Since it was run club tonight, I had to hit the gym at 4 AM. Shoulders and back for 45 minutes with bursts of cardio. 15 minute run for a cooldown and back home quickly to shower and get the boys up for school. I'm liking this new gym and the 24 hours business. I can be there as early as I like.

Run club was wonderful! We had a good turnout, all sporting shorts and smiles. Hard to get used to the darkness at 6 PM, but with the 70F, no complaining here!

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olga said...

Exactly what I thought when it suddenly stopped raining last night for a few hours - I gotts hit the road! Not trails, mind you, as it was dark, but better than nothing:)