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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

For our Happy New Year treat we received 5" of snow! Yippee! I didn't really mind that we didn't have any, but now that it is here, it's pretty darn nice.

Once I worked out the aches and tiredness in my legs this morning I dressed into running clothes and donned my snow gaiters for the first time, put the snowshoes into the car and headed off to the trail.

Topaz loves the snow! He doesn't need ponds to cool off, he can just roll around in the snow. I still bring water for him though, the snow that he munches isn't enough.

We snowshoed for 5 miles and I was exhausted. Each year I am amazed at the workout snowshoeing gives. My heart rate was extremely high. Of course, I had a 90 mile week last week so that was part of it as well.

Tomorrow I begin another fat burning block. Since October 15 I've cut back on running, well, from my summer 80+ mile weeks to 40 mile weeks (except last week), increased lifting to 5 x a week and increased calories. I had my body fat tested last Friday and found that I gained 2.8 pounds of muscle (can a person really gain almost 3 pounds of muscle in less than 3 months? I'm skeptical..) and 4 pounds of fat. Yeah, I knew that would happen. I don't like it, but am not suprised. I knew to gain good muscle that fat would come along with it. I had basal metabolic testing, maximum oxygen consumption testing and underwater body fat analysis. I'll go back in April to see how the numbers change.

I'll begin 3 sessions of 30 minute intervals each week, then increase to 4 and 5 on top of my 50-60 mpw running. 3x a week lifting, sometimes 4 on back off running weeks. 40/40/20 on the macros with a zig zag of 1400(low) and 2000 (high). I'm hoping that since I've increased my calories the past few months that I can burn some fat without lowering to a constant low of 1400. I just don't want my metabolism to crash and burn again. As I increase my big weeks of running mileage I'll increase my calories as well. No more of this 1200 calories a day and running 80 miles a week habit.

Happy New Year!!


marathonP said...

Love, love, love those information packed posts. When you describe what you are doing it is a gold-mine for us up-and-comer wanna-be's.

Thanks Julie. Right there with ya.

:) phil

marathonP said...

ps: great little running story.

Yesterday I was out from 4-6am for a little morning run and was running along the cliffs under the full moon. I heard some laughing and voices which is strange at this hour.

These folks were standing by the lighthouse and said "good morning". I said, "What are you crazy people doing out here?" They said happily: "Looking for whales in the moonlight."

I kept running. On the return trip, they were still there, so I just had to meet these crazies. I said: "I've heard a lot of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel...but 'We're looking for whales in the moonlight' is THE coolest line I've ever heard."

We chatted and they pointed out a spout to me in the glistening moonlit ocean. I was speechless.

THIS is why I run (and do resistance, and intervals, and yoga, and plyo, etc)...and I know it's the same for you.