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Friday, January 05, 2007

My. Aching. Legs.

I received an email from Ben, race director of the Psycho Wyco 50K that I will be running on February 10, in Kansas. He welcomed me to the race and then told me that TOPAZ is welcome to attend! Dogs are welcome to run the course with their owners. How cool is that? IF I were driving alone I would definitely bring my pup along. I would love to run a real trail race with Topaz.

Last Sunday when I ran with the group at the Murph I tried out a brand new pair of Gortex Inov 8 Flyroc that had arrived along with my other winter goodies. They were fresh out of the box that morning and yes, Scott pointed out to me that I hadn't removed all of the tags yet. Anyhow, I wore them in the sloshing puddling rain all day, for 23 miles, and I didn't receive ONE blister. I hadn't even applied my magic blister potion!

I've been wearing these shoes all week long in the melting snow and my feet stay nice and warm and comfortable. They have a nice sticky tread on the bottom, I don't slip and slid on the ice, they aren't stiff but they are stable. I really like them. I'll be wearing them at the Northwoods Snowshoe (will there be snow?) Marathon up in Duluth in a few weeks.

Tonight Topaz and I ran 8 miles on the slushy snow trails. My legs are more sore than usual. Last night I lifted legs and am feeling it already.

BB squat: 80x20x1; 150x10x3
Slanted Leg Press: 100x20x1; 215x10x3
Leg Ext: 60x20x1; 115x10x3
Laying Ham Curl: 60x20x1; 95 (PB)x 10x3
Standing calves: 180x15x3
Adducter: 215x15x3

Tomorrow my friends are running out at Zumbro River Bottoms; it is beautiful there-the trails are awesome. I won't be attending, I'll be running the trails near home. I won't be wearing my Julie the ultra runner hat; I'll be wearing the Julie the basketball mom hat and attending Troy's games. I'll be missing his games during the snowshoe marathon and the Psycho Wyco 50K so I hate to miss too many games for 'training' runs. It's the right thing to do, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

For a view of my wonderful doggie, just follow the trail back to my blog.

Bad Ben

Lora said...

Yes, yes and triple yes! Doing the race with no guilt will be very freeing!

Oh man, I wanted to do Psycho Wyco--can't convince anyone to drive me! Can't wait to hear all about it!

How cool is that that you can bring your dog if you're able! Ben gets my vote for RD of the year!

Anonymous said...

Good shoes, Jul! And how nice of Ben to invite Topaz to race:) Next time for sure!

Anonymous said...

Another good review of an Inov-8 shoe. I really want to try a pair out and I've been eyeing the Flyroc for a while now and you're post may have put me over my threshold of waiting :) Problem is there are no retailers close to me, guess I'll have to take a chance and order on-line.

Flatman said...

You sure have a bunch of "hats"...busy lady!