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Friday, February 02, 2007

Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultramarathon

This morning, with the full moon in her splendor glory, Topaz and I ran 8 miles through the neighborhood and down the gravel roads. It was cold! His drool froze to his whiskers. My drool froze to my face. A beautiful picture.

As my butt was becoming numb, I thought about John, Scott and Pierre, who will be running the Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultramarathon. The race begins on Monday at 7 AM and closes on Wednesday at 7 PM. It begins in International Falls and finishes in Tower. The entrants can choose to ski, ice bike or run. The runners have to pull all of their aid and clothing in a sled, fastened to the waist. I'm thanking my lucky starts that I decided not to run. Brrrr. OK, I'm a baby.

It is supposed to be -30F, or colder, during the race. There is only one race checkpoint with hot soup and aid. Oh. Boy. Go get 'em!

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