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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last Snow Shoe Run?

This morning Topaz and I headed out for three hours of snow shoeing. It was 26 to begin but by the time we finished the temperature had raced to 49F! Woohoo :)

Amazingly, there were no cross country skiers out on the trail and it looked as if no one had been out since I forged through the trail a week ago. I hate that the trail is closed to everyone but xc skiers, especially since they don't even use it. So I used it again.

The snow had melted yesterday and refroze during the night, leaving a nice crusty surface on the snow drifts which I could run upon. It held my weight in most of the areas. I wasn't even leaving tracks in most places. Eventually as I came into the wooded areas, and the sun began to warm the snow, I began to post-hole through the surface, making the running much more difficult. I began to walk and catch my breath.

It took us 3 hours to run/walk 13 miles.

I have almost 80 miles in this week and I don't feel exhausted; it has to be because I had some cross training this week and most of my runs were at 75%-80% MHR.

Today it is supposed to be 54F; this may have been the last snow shoe run.


olga said...

I liked how Topaz whined of leaving him behind...I only took Charlie twice last week, and today wimped out on rain in the morning, so he was mad at me and kept jumping around my stationary bike. Thankfully, we have a dry week ahead.
Good week with 80, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Way to keep that attitude!
Laura Gibson